Bizarre Support

Can you believe it? I am talking about all this support and reverence for deranged killer, Christopher Dorner. I know police abuse exist. I know the abuse problem it is not racial. It is an authority abuse problem. I also know employees can be jerked around by people higher in the personnel chain. Dorner is not the champion for authority and personnel abuse causes, since he turned murderer.  My heart goes out to the widow of the police officer, Michael Crain murdered by Dorner. No way is Dorner a hero of any sort.

I cannot believe what I am reading and hearing! This is so bizarre I visited a support page with over 24,000 likes for this murderer on Facebook. The sympathetic, support and love comments are sickening. I posted 2 pro deranged murderer comments without liking the page. So, I am now blocked and the administrators of that page deleted my comments within 30 minutes of their posting. This just more evidence of the declining state of the culture.

Here is Columbia University professor, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill giving credence to this man that seriously injured and killed innocent people.

Hear Dr. Hill defend his comments and then Bill O’Reilly telling him were he is wrong.



Cable News Ratings War: Fox News Still the Victor, Al Sharpton not so Hot and CNN’s Big Losses

In the cable news wars, all the cable news networks have lost viewers, but some way more than others. Despite viewer loses, Fox Cable News network is still the King over MSNBC and CNN combined. Al Sharpton gave MSNBC a glimmer of hope in the early days of his program, but he has lost some ground. His 6:00 P. M. cable news rival Bret Baier of Fox News, has almost 3 times the viewers. Poor CNN’s John King has less viewers than Mr. Sharpton. CNN’s HLN network’s  also has bad viewer ratings.

What is happening with CNN? As th0se in charge make more and more changes, the viewer ratings continue to decline. It now has lower viewer ratings than the low rated MSNBC. Bill O’Reilly remains the prime-time cable news king beating the mess out of Ed Schultz and Anderson Cooper. Go here to see what I am talking about.

Don’t Drop the I-Word

I watched Bill O’Reilly respectfully make mince meat out of Monica Nova’s argument. She is pro illegal immigration and is apart of the “Drop the I-Word” campaign. Off course, the I-word is the word, illegal. She  does not agree with this country’s immigration laws and views people who are against illegal immigrants as racists. Is that because of the influx of people from Mexico sneaking into this country? Well, as Mr. O’Reilly pointed out, illegal immigrants come from a variety of countries.

Plain and simple, People who do not enter this country legally are illegal. It is not a hate word. Illegal describes the status of those who sneak in and bypass this country’s lawful immigration procedures. Illegal also applies to those who do not keep up with their immigration paper work  and procedures after legally entering this country. Personally, I do make a distinction between adults and children. Even though the children are also illegal, they are not responsible like their parents. Please note that Ms. Nova was legally brought to this country by her parents.

Franklin Graham on the O’Reilly Factor

Did you see Franklin Graham on the O’Reilly Factor? The interview started out on the political but turned to questions on whether there is a hell and Bill O’Reilly’s belief which many share about good people who do not know about Jesus Christ could not end up in hell. Those of us who are under the saving grace of the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ know the truth. After they get off of the  birth certificate and Mr. O’Reilly trying to pin down Franklin Graham on not supporting Pres. Obama, the conversation gets good. Franklin Graham responds without mincing words in presenting the Gospel. It was great hearing him quote John 3:16 and John 14:6 to Mr. O’Reilly. We need to be praying about what Bill O’Reilly heard and that the quoted scriptures remain and dance in his head to make him see that Jesus Christ is the only way and want His salvation. If you missed it, here is the video.

And I Thought My Mother was Strict!

I have not read the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. The author, Amy Chua is making the rounds of the TV talk and news programs and sparking strong debate on child raising methods. Her book is a memoir and is not intended to be a how to guide on raising a child. From what I am hearing, Ms. Chua’s upbringing was in a fashion that did not allow for her to make any choices growing up in the home of her Chinese immigrant parents. I grew up with a strict mother. This is not just on my say-so. When other adults and even some from my mother’s generation heard what was not allowed, from me and my mother, I got a few, “My, your mother was strict!” I have to say, her American style strictness was nothing in comparison to the strict upbringing that Amy Chua experienced. I could make choices, although rather limited by today’s standards.

Ms. Chua started out giving her 2 daughters the upbringing she received, but has softened somewhat due to her rebellious younger daughter. In various reactions to Ms. Chua, she is getting applause, while others are giving her a deep thumbs down. I am in the group that falls in the middle as far as child rearing goes (if I had any). I am not for the strict imposition of The “A” grade as the only acceptable grade and not even an “A-” as Ms. Chua experienced and imposed on her daughters in their school work. I am for pushing your child to do their best. Being able to make choices should definitely be a part of one’s life growing up. Of course those choices start out small  and then expand based on age and individual maturity.

I enjoyed the Culture Warrior segment on the O’Reilly Factor this past Thursday. Bill wasn’t that impressed with Ms. Chua as were Gretchen Carlson and Cheryl Casone. This segment of the O’Reilly Factor is fun to watch.