Nixon Obama!

President Obama pulling that executive privilege declaration is Nixonian. If Fast and Furious goes the way of Watergate, will we see something like a Saturday night massacre down the road? Will we see the next presidential resignation after being elected for a 2nd term as in what happened with Richard Nixon?

Discussing Black Leadership

On PolitiChicks, Sonnie Johnson, a conservative and TEA Partier (also was a close friend of the late Andrew Breitbart) discusses black leadership’s past, its inappropriate solutions for today and the solution for the future with author, Marvin Rogers – Silence Makes Loudest Sound, The President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of N. C., Kevin Daniels and radio talk show host, Pudgy Miller I only have one correction and that is Al Sharpton was not a leader in the 1960s civil rights movement. I went through my teens in the 60s and Mr. Sharpton is a few years younger than I am. He did not come on the scene until the 1980s. But otherwise, this Politichicks episode is fantastic.

Happy Father’s Day 2012

Happy Fathers Day to all dads and those who are not biological dads, but are the closet to a father that some children have in their lives. My father went to be with the Lord in 2007. He was such a blessing. He was well liked and respected in the neighborhood. After I left, new fatherless families moved in. The young boys in those families would always stop to talk to my father whenever he was doing work outside around the house, especially out back in the driveway. The few that I have run into over the years always expressed their appreciation for those talks.

The following is from a Fathers’ Day post in 2007. My father passed in September of that year.

What wonderful things can I say about my father that I have not said on this blog? You know I feel that my father is the greatest. If there is a world cup for fatherhood, he is the winner. I am around younger adults today who cannot relate to having a father in the home. There are some whom can only relate to having a father in their life for only a certain amount of time while growing up due mostly to divorce. I have pleasant memories of my father walking into the house after work at 5:25 pm. My family sat down to dinner about 15/20 minutes later. He helped with homework, assisted me and my sisters in special projects, and took us places.

Proverbs 20:7

The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.

I think I grew up in the era that was the end of the consistent 2 parent family. During the fifties and sixties, all my neighborhood friends lived in homes with both their mother and father. It was the same for most of my elementary school classmates with the very tiny exception of those living with one parent due to death. Some of my friend’s fathers were in the home but were distant, and were such disciplinarians that some of my friends were afraid of them. My father corrected my wrong behavior, but I was never afraid of him. He is and was always outwardly loving, and affectionate. I could always go to him. He has always been special.

My father loved music. He sang on church and job choirs. He sometime sang solos. My father was not a big fan of contemporary Christian music unless it  was the likes of Sandi Patty or Steve Brock doing the singing. He preferred more of the traditional types of singing voices and Christian music. Being a tenor, he loved quality tenor singing. The chosen music selections and the quality voices singing them are what my father would prefer.