Blogging Return: Trouble Making Subject For Me

Well, it sure has been a while! The little posting that I did dealt with special days and holidays. Just when it was time to take this blog away from WordPress and make it my own, I lost the blogging fever. That fever has yet to fully return, but it is long past time to put a post on this blog.

ImpeachOkay, I am blogging after a long while on a subject, that had me fussing in past blog posts, but it still gets to me and also gets me in to trouble. Last Saturday, a person angrily responded to my comments on his Facebook page and unfriended me. This self-proclaimed Christian man was so angry at my comment that he used some curse words. Of course it was about Pres. Obama. Just because, I respond with correct information that does not hurt Obama does not mean, I am secretly for him. As far as the unfriending goes, I replaced him with a new Facebook friend. I was commenting on his ‘Impeach Obama’ meme.  He did not like my comment of the required 67 Senate votes for conviction and that Obama was not going anywhere until Jan 20, 2017.

I see plenty of ‘Impeach Obama’ memes on Facebook. This tells me that there are many in this country  who have an inaccurate knowledge base of the presidential impeachment process. There are too many people who think impeachment equals removal from office and that is wrong. Remember Bill Clinton suffered impeachment, but he was not convicted and finished out his 2nd term. Oh, the millions spent on trying to remove Clinton from the Presidency and in the end, that did not happen! If impeachment does not result in a conviction and removal from office, then it is a waste of time and money.

Impeachment is really an indictment. The removal from office only comes after the trial and deliberation of the Senate with a guilty verdict. The guilty verdict requires 2/3 i.e. 67 Senate vote. In the Republican vs the Democrat realm, there are not enough votes in the Senate for a conviction. There is anger with the House so far for not getting the impeachment process underway. But the House knows the Senate does not have the 67 votes for a conviction.

I think many of those who want impeachment as my ex-Facebook friend are among the crowd that held back their vote or voted for some 3rd party candidate that could not possibly win in 2012 due to anger with the Republican Party. That anger was so volatile, that they did not care that Barack Obama would receive another term, but now they do. Desiring impeachment is a way of making amends with themselves for allowing their actions to help Pres. Obama to another term. Read up on the process of a presidential impeachment here.

Getting Into It With Someone Online

Arguing Online

Firstly, I am single so the, ‘are you coming to bed?’ does not apply to me. I admit I have to pull myself away from the computer at night to go to bed when I get into it with someone online, mostly on Facebook. I did miss doing this for a while when just about all of my online communications were on computers at the local library in the fall up to about Christmas. Now that I am back to having reliable Internet in my home, I am back arguing/debating people into the early mornings and other parts of the day.

Folks on the Democratic side like to challenge my comments on the Facebook page of my strong Obama supporting friend. I went from around 12 midnight Saturday to almost 4 A. M. with someone who remained respectful through out our debate over the Affordable Care Act. Other times I am going back and forth with people on that page in the early morning hours who felt they were saying something intelligent by cursing me out. I also go at it with fellow conservatives over holding back their vote. A few of those Facebook friends continue to defriend me, but I replace them with new friends.

Already today, I am seeing a Facebook meme from a very respected right-wing blogger promoting the idea of conservatives and Republicans not voting in 2014 if Republicans pass amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am definitely against amnesty for illegals and will be very upset with the Republicans that make it happen, but I will never take any action against any of these Republicans that in the end helps Democrats increase in power. The right-wing blogger did not like my response. I will see if he defriends me.

This former Democrat just cannot understand wanting to punish Republicans to the point of helping Democrats increase in power. Look at some of this administrations’ lasting accomplishments such as the Affordable Care Act, which is hurting far more families than it is helping and how this Democratic administrations’ IRS is successfully harassing conservative groups and individuals. Just the thought of another Democratic President and a Democratic House and Senate majority being able to provide unfettered bad policies and laws of the land is beyond scary.

People Who Swear….

Seven days into 2014 and it is extremely cold here in southeastern PA and other parts of the country. I hope you are staying warm. Before I get on to the swearing topic, I want to share that I am off  the hotspot and back to a good Internet provider. That cheap hot spot was slow and curtailed my Internet usage. Now that things are back to normal, I am able to return to the level of blogging and commenting on various online venues as I did when I had Comcast.

I sparked something yesterday on my favorite online venue, Facebook. We are in another facet of deepening cultural decline. I for one cannot get use to people and their increased usage of swear words. On Facebook, I am seeing plenty of reposts of pro-swearing memes like this one. 

I Say NO to This MemeSwearing_unfact

Now putting this up against the word of God makes this assertion absurd. I respond that swearing is nothing but filthy/corrupt communication that goes against the Lord  I also asked when is it okay for children to start swearing so they can grow in honesty and trustworthiness. Most times I do not get a response, but I did from the latest pro-swearing poster and a few of his friends. Well, one of the responses which received a few likes expressed that there was nothing wrong with children swearing and that it was free speech.

I was asked where in the bible does it talk about filthy/corrupt communication; thus, I gave them the following:

Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Colossians 3:8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

I did get a thank you from the poster of the meme. Most responses tried to play down the significance of the biblical scriptures by saying there were more important things wrong in this world compared to swearing. Even though the Lord makes it clear in his Word on what should come out of our mouths, these folks felt it was not significant. I did not respond any further. They were responding under spiritual conviction. I know the Lord is dealing with them in His way. Please see Isaiah 55:11. I leave it there.

BTW, my new Christian blog will start this Friday/Saturday.

More ACA and Sandra Fluke

I decided not to post every news link on the fiasco that the Affordable Care Act is so far on my Facebook page. I already have so many! I say so far, because I feel it being Pres. Obama’s signature legislation, the administration will do the honest and the dishonest to keep it from remaining a permanent fiasco. Well, I saw a  news links today about HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius trying sign someone up and the healthcare website crashed. That will make it to mypage you can view it here

I know I am getting pretty frequent with ACA posts on this blog too! Well,  I could not resist the following ACA related meme from Liberal Logic 101.

Sandra F1_liberal logic101

It should be no surprise that there are plenty of folks out there who have no problem with  the use of your tax money paying for the contraceptives so single women like Ms. Sandra Fluke can obtain them free of cost to have sex.

Get Over Pres. Obama and Think 2016

Barack Obama_2People cannot get over Barack Obama winning reelection. Many of those folks on Facebook/FB have taken to consistent personal attacks. I am more than okay with attacks on Pres. Obama’s policies and his pro stances on social and moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion, but I am never in favor of personal attacks on any President of this country.

Mehdi Quazzani_as_satanThe images and the comments related to the satan character on the cable TV program, ‘The Bible’ are making the rounds on FB. The image captions are saying  that Obama is the devil or satan incarnate. Comment after comment is saying the same thing. It’s getting more childish every minute. Really, Pres. Obama strongly resembles Moroccan actor, Mehdi Ouazanni, who is the actor who portrayed satan. Roma Downey, the producer of ‘The Bible,’ is very upset that this Obama resembling satan is getting far more attention than the miracles of Jesus Christ depicted in the same episode.

Angry upset folks need to get over Pres. Obama and turn their attention away from these personal attacks on him, because they will not stop him from being President for a 2nd term. We lost that chance last November. Efforts need to turn to starting the ground work for the 2016 Presidential election. Democrat, Hillary Clinton already is winning against any Republican and conservative candidate that could be out there. Even VP Biden could win against Republicans and conservatives. Now think! How scary is that?