Hillary Clinton Again

Hillary Clinton 2016aIt looks like Hillary Clinton will be making another run for President. I was a Democrat during her years as First Lady. When Mrs. Clinton decided to run for New York’s next Senator, I was all for it. In all honesty, my heart-felt support came from my pity for her after she experienced public humiliation at the hands of her President husband, Bill Clinton and his sexcapades with Monica Lewinsky. My support had nothing to do with any qualifications she possessed to represent the people of New York.

I wonder if people think Mrs. Clinton is due the presidency, because she was supposed to be elected President in 2008. In the early days of that presidential season, the projection was that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee and Rudy Giuliani would the Republican presidential nominee. Now how wrong was that? Mr. Giuliani quickly went down the drain early in the primary season. Barack Obama came on the presidential scene on the Democratic side and just took Mrs. Clinton’s presidential hopes with him as he became the Democratic presidential nominee and then our President. People changed their mind and went with electing the first black male President over the first white female President.

Next year will be here faster than most of us will realize with the start of the presidential campaigns in both major political parties with the debates. Then 2016 will bring the primaries, national political party conventions, that heavy September/October presidential campaigning with the two-party candidates debating and then the election. It seems like Hillary Clinton has already received the Democratic presidential candidacy. One would consider what happened in Benghazi under her tenure as Secretary of State to be a glaring stumbling block in her efforts to be the next President. But then on the Democratic side, people like her.

Now think! Can you name a Hillary Clinton achievement? Well neither can these Democrats!

Taking in the Controversies About Nelson Mandela

46664 Concert: In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela's Life - PerformanceI see many opinions related to the passing of Nelson Mandela. Some people have promoted him to sainthood and Messiahship, while those on the opposite far end see him as terrorist with a better success rate than Osama bin Laden. I read reports of some of the violent methods used by the non white people under apartheid in South Africa’s African National Congress and backed by one of its leaders, Nelson Mandela for  fighting against the racial apartheid (which was worse than legal segregation in this country), and I am not excusing it. I also know that Mr. Mandela was politically and economically on the side of communism. I also cannot go with that.

I saw a Mandela meme which I think is ridiculous. According to the meme list, Mr. Mandela is responsible for an awful lot of bombings during his 27 years in prison. There is no source given to back up any of the stated bombings. Really! How can Mr. Mandela be responsible for all those bombings while serving time in an apartheid prison? What does that say about the security in that prison if he was successful throughout his 27 years in causing bombings in cities and towns in South Africa? Oh, if you clicked on the ‘meme list’ link and think you came across a comment that sounds like it came from me about that Mandela meme, you are correct. I got a few likes, but nobody as yet give an answer to my question on that page.

Not Aborted

Abortion which I once supported is what it is and that is the murder of innocent life. I love to hear and read about people who should not be living in this world due to abortion. Molly Anne Dutton’s life came into being under the worst circumstances. She is a product of rape and is thankful her birth mother chose life over abortion, even though the husband’s ultimatum was abortion or divorce.

Molly Anne Dutton never forgot what her birth mother did for her who worked with a Christian adoption group called Lifeline Children’s Services while pregnant from rape. A married couple who served on Lifeline’s  board, took steps right away to adopt Ms. Dutton at birth. She is the youngest in a family which includes other adoptive children.

 Today Ms. Dutton is horticultural major at Auburn University where she ran on the platform of adoption advocacy and won the Homecoming Queen title.  Molly Anne Dutton says that she “was given grace to carry that story,” as her “story is a voice for the voiceless.”

When are We Going to Understand That?

There are plenty of blunt comments about race on the various Internet venues. I see from some of the comments that come my way, that there are people from white to black who still think that their entire human makeup shares nothing with people of other races. Can you believe there are people who still think that way about race today? I like what Dr. Ben Carson says when asked why he does not talk much about race.

Ben Carson_substance

Continued Blessings for These 3 Women and the Daughter

The three kidnapped Cleveland woman break their silence to say thank you. They look good. What happened to these women really got to me. Just thinking of their profound suffering for all those years in an unsuspecting neighborhood still brings me to tears. For me, it is absolutely unbelievable that the man in whose home they endured horrific physical and emotional pain is pleading not guilty. I continue to pray God’s speed to Amanda Berry and her daughter, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.