Taking a Blogging Break

I am taking some days off from blogging. If you are new to my blog, I have a vast archive of interesting posts and you can find interesting headlines in the political, cultural and spiritual realms in my twitter feed in one of the left sidebars. I will also start sharing the thoughts behind the comments I make to family members and liberal and lefty Facebook friends that drive them to distraction. I will return to blogging late August/early September. Thank you for stopping by Right Cogency.

From Zo: If the TEA Party were Really Terrorist!

Oh the TEA Party! I know folks that cannot stand TEA Party people, because they view them as racists of the KKK nature. I have not been to a TEA Party rally since last summer in Philly. But I still remember quite vividly, the strong negative reactions I received for going from my family members, even though, most whom spoke at the rally were black! Again, I am not blind to the reported racist remarks from a few in the various TEA Party organizations across the country, but as quiet as it is kept, racists can be found anywhere, including in Democratic and leftists organizations.

On the Democratic and leftists side, some added the label of terrorist to the TEA Party to get more bang with their racists label. Recently, this was in the news headlines. Those in the Democratic Party hierarchy are having a hard time defending the Obama administration policies and the laws passed that were going to beef up our downed economy, but instead, infused an awfully large dose of anemia. So what do they do? They go negative and hurl nasty, over the top slurs on whom they deem to be strong adversaries. Listen to Zo’s (AlfonZo Rachel) rebuttal to this terrorist labeling of TEA Party people.

GOP Presidential Candidates: Who to Support?

As much as I liked Tim Pawlenty, he was not catching on among other Republican voters. I realized this a while back and paid more attention to the other Republican contenders for the party nomination. I am not ready to go completely with anyone yet. I am liking my former Senator, Rick Santorum, but at this point, he has as much of or even less of the chance than Tim Pawlenty. It would be great if he could go further. And to think, there was a time when I really could not stand him!

I like Herman Cain but not for President. I will not go with him just because he is black. He has never been elected to any kind of public office. That is a stickler for me. At best he should be appointed to a position that deals with strengthening the economy in the next Republican administration or run for Congress (again and win this time).

I like Michele Bachmann who earlier came across stronger to me than Sarah Palin.  She has a gaffe problem that is getting severe. The leftist and some right-wing media reporters are on her heels in hot pursuit.  Now she does get picked on because she is a woman. Byron York’s wifely submission question at the Republican debate put me off. But if he did not ask it, I guess eventually someone else will ask that type of question. Non Christians like to go after Christian women on the submission/obedience biblical precepts. Plus, there are a few Christians that have a problem with wives having any kind of authority on a higher level than the husband outside of the home.

I was not too upset about her signing some “in support of the traditional family” document that said blacks family were better off in slavery (which I do not agree), but generally, that did not go down well at all. Rep. Bachmann’s latest on her gaffe meter is wishing Elvis a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death is really making her look super ditsy. She needs to get new people in her campaign inner circle.

Newt Gingrich always has great ideas, but nobody these days seem to be listening to him.  His upfront limelight negatives are his past personal behavior and the way he is conducting is failing campaign.

Ron Paul never caught on with me. His statements about not fearing Iran and aspects of Islam bother me. I am attempting to see what the fascination is with this man by reading his book, Liberty Defined.

John Huntsman does not move me at all. I do guess I could find out a little more about him. But his performance in the debate last Thursday did nothing to move me to want get to know him better. He came across to me like a Zero.

I might be able to go with front-runner, Mitt Romney if he becomes the party nominee, but he has to do some more explaining about the his health care law when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. The former Gov. does have years of successful business ventures. He is now getting his front-runner status clipped a bit by new contender, Rick Perry.

I know from reports that Gov. Rick Perry presides over a successful state economy with continual job growth when so many other states’ economies are in the tank with ever-growing job loss. He comes across as a “take no prisoners”  and a free market jobs building kind of person. We need someone like that. But I hear that we need to prepare ourselves for his gaffes too. The media folks are going to have fun with his past idea of seceding Texas from the union. There is also his executive order enforcement  of forcing every sixth-grade girl to get the Gardasil vaccine over any parental objection. Gov. Perry publicly renounced his Gardasil executive order, but he is far from absolution on this matter. Read Michelle Malkin’s take on it here.

I know there is no perfect Republican presidential candidate. Proven success in business and growing an economy when the most of the country is in economic collapse is a draw for me; therefore, I have under voting consideration, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and because of the social conservative that I am, the long shot (or no shot at all) Rick Santorum. That is not written in stone. I could change. But overall, my possible choices would be better for the country than Pres. Obama. I have not completely given up on Michele Bachmann, but I’d rather see her in a vice presidential role.

These Mobbing Teens

This is another call to prayer. This time for families. Please pray for parents to be parents and for the young lives they have bought into this world. The violence that included teen perpetrators  in London, England, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my hometown of Philly in PA are horrific. I am sure you are asking along with me, “Where are the parents?”  Just the thought of the disciplinary actions awaiting me in my teen years if my parents found out I was a part of any kind of mob, violence kept me from even fantasizing about anything close to it.

I support Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia in what he is doing to curb what is going on. Some folks were critical of his speech he gave in his home church. Some did not like him calling out the absentee fathers and when he stated that the black teens were hurting their race. Of course, when white teens do something horrific, you do not hear that you are hurting your race, but that is the thinking.  Anyway, more importantly, these teens are hurting themselves and their families.

Mayor Nutter imposed a 9:00 P. M. curfew on young folks under 18 years of age. He meant business! Police took 50 teen into custody in the curfew crackdown. Some parents made excuses while others took responsibility. One parent on camera apologized with the son standing there and told the reporters and TV viewers of going home and taking action over what the son did.

Accounts sited that the majority of young rioters in London grew up in fatherless homes. Now I know there are single mothers out there who have and are successfully raising sons and daughters, but they are becoming more of the exception. James T. Harris, the urban radio talker in Wisconsin is correct when he said that when it comes to teen boys, they need their fathers in the home.  I pray that the reporting of the teen flash mobs and rioting is a kick in the pants wake up call to permissive and self-absorbed parents and teens everywhere, especially fathers who are in the wind and never took responsibility.