Early Childhood Possible Trending…Genderless!

I spent most of my adult working life in child care. I was a teacher and then a director/administrator. Once you start reading of a new trend in early childhood education, it will not be long before you are face with the trend in a required and assignment giving  continuing education class/workshop. Many child care centers did their best to resist the “learn through play” mindset with lesson plan activities full of worksheets and other sit still quiet activities, even for toddlers, until (at least in the state of PA) came up with a star rating system and to achieve that top star rating, the child care center had to become accredited. The hands-on, learn through play activities became essential to getting that accreditation.  Before I moved on to being a director, my center had to return to learn through play to attain those stars especially to the consternation of one of my bosses.

I did have trouble with other trends in early childhood such as presenting same-sex families in the same light as the traditional father and mother led families. My head classroom teacher years were in a child care center run by a well-known church organization; therefore, I never had to deal with reading the Heather has 2 Mommies/Georgie has 2 Daddies type of books to the preschoolers and toddlers. Now, I hope a practice that the Egalia preschool in Sweden put in place will not trend to become an accepted practice in American early childhood and that is not acknowledging a child’s gender in the daily discourse.  I do not think that is even possible.

The Egalia preschool feels that society through gender recognition gives boys an unfair edge. The engineering of equality between the sexes from childhood onward is the plan. They want to do away with the reinforcing of stereotypes that gender recognition elicits. Regardless of these efforts, gender recognition will continue. I know from my work experiences in and out of the classroom in child care that teachers will refer to the children by their names, but also as he and she even with the possible threat of disciplinary write-ups. I wonder how Egalia deals with the bathroom? Genderless bathrooms are not accepted in preschool in my child care experiences. I can see Parents having all kinds of fits over ignoring gender and letting boys and girls go to the same bathroom with 3 or 4 stalls at the same time!

I remember parents, especially fathers who demanded that their sons be kept out of the housekeeping learning center. Of course, teachers could not comply. I really eased one mother seeing her preschool son holding a doll, when I told of how he was the daddy taking care of the baby. Plus the girls playing argued over who was going to be his wife. No one wanted to be the children or the grandmother.  Today, there are still parents who are not that excepting about little boys in that type of activity. But now, there are a few parents who are into this no gender recognition and parents who are not bothered in the least if their child is in to being the other opposite gender. See a previous post about that here. Now, if I where to ever return to child care as a classroom teacher or a director/administrator, I could not begin to embrace and enforce young genderless children.

Running Scared

Eric Allie Cartoon

Businesses in this country feel the bite in the you know where by different policies and laws that are all uniquely Democrat e.g. Obamacare which is causing employers to cut the benefits they offer to their employees and/or layoff employees to meet the Obamacare requirements except for those who received an exemption, which will stop sometime in September.  Employers are running scared.

Briefly: No to Socialism in Christianity

Socialism is often being linked to Christianity. I continue to hear folks come down on Christians who do not believe in the government forced sharing of their income with the rest of the country i.e. income redistribution. The Lord commands us to give of our money and time through our free will to help others and not our government taking more and more money from paychecks. There was a lengthy time, when I felt as a Christian that it was fine and dandy for government to redistribute from other people’s income. But now, I finally understand. It is wrong to deem socialism as Christian. If you did not read these first 2 links on my twitter feed or on my Facebook page. Read part 1, part 2 and now part 3 of Michael Youssef’s Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism.

And listen to Star Parker on this subject

Every Knee Shall Bow and Every Tongue Confess That Jesus is Lord

Philippians 2:8-11

And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

On Media Matters Quest to Take Down Fox News

There was a time when I paid some serious attention to David Brock and his left-wing (George Soros backed) watchdog organization, Media Matters. I read his book, The Republican Noise Machine, which is about his times as a conservative gay and then his crossing over to the opposing political side and is now a liberal lefty. Media Matters is a liberal leftist delight. Their animosity toward all things conservative is so out there that it even glows in the dark.

Media Matters’ biggest target is the Fox cable news channel who they definitely do not think is fair and balanced. They view Fox News as a wing in the Republican Party. They are throwing a lot of money up in the air in trying to bring down Fox News who to their revulsion continues to have more viewership than the other 2 major cable news channels combined for most of their programming. Plus, now it appears that the money they are throwing up in the air is coming from tax-free funds which is illegal. Read more here and here.