Conservative Republican Reminder

Defeat Dems

We can’t do that if we are split up into internal fighting factions against each other instead of putting all our efforts into fighting the Democrats. Start by voting in your local Republicans. I will be doing just that this coming Tuesday, Nov 5th. It’s a local election for the mayor of my borough, borough council members, tax collectors and judges. 

Thinking ahead to 2014, conservatives please do not stay home or vote for some 3rd party when November come around. In your primaries, it is not enough to replace the RINO type Republicans. The candidate must also be strong enough to beat the Democratic opponent in November. Remember nothing is worth letting the Democrats control both Houses of Congress with Pres. Obama still in power.

The Working Wheel of Excuses and Blame

Eric Allie

Eric Allie Cartoon

Sadly, this blame game continues to work pretty well for Pres. Obama and his administration. Not only Barack Obama, but also his supporters spin that blame game wheel. What ever excuse/blame the arrow points to when the wheel stops, is good enough and the majority of this country buys it. Oh, how this country  increased with low information voters!

Conservatives Images: False and True


Five images are false, even though liberal/lefty types believe them to be true. My only suggestion to the last image which is true, is to include some older folks such as myself. Those who feel there is truth in stereotypes, would look at me, a 60ish black woman and automatically think ‘Democrat and/or liberal/left Obama supporter no matter what.’ Somebody like me in that last image would help to debunk that stereotype.

The TEA Party Still Going

After the victories in 2010, the Obama administration successfully kept TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party folks from impacting the major election of last November. They did their dirt through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). TEA Party organizations across the country went through such a wringer that they could not do much during 2012 election year. Since certain information has come to light about the IRS on their holding TEA Party organizations hostage, TEA Party folks are gearing up for new battles.

One ongoing battle is the fight against the TEA Party being racist and connected to the Ku Klux Klan. If you went through all the TEA party organizations with a fine tooth comb, I gather you find some racists among them. Now if you use the fine tooth comb in all political organizations, I am sure you will fine not just white racists, but racists of all stripes. The liberal/lefty notion that the TEA Party is a bunch of white racists is wrong. Listen to what Emery McClendon has to say.

Health Care Premiums Before and After

The Affordable Care Act – ACA also known as Obamacare did not get off to a good start. With hardly no corrections, the problems continue with trying to register online past 2 weeks after the rollout. Lousy technology! Not all, but still many people are finding out health care insurance premiums under the ACA are more costly than they ever thought. Checkout  how the premiums are faring state by state in the chart  below from