More Thoughts on Martin and the Zimmerman Verdict

Trayvon Martin1Over the months, I saw mean reactions to Trayvon Martin’s death, such as being glad he was gone and the world is a better place without him. I saw a lot of, ‘he was a thug and deserved what happened to him.’ These reactions do not begin to sit well with me. I read about young Mr. Martin being suspended from his high school, finding jewelry and a burglary tool in his backpack (or school locker). Off course that does not sound good, but I did not read anywhere of him being arrested and charged with burglary or any other crime. Trayvon Martin did not deserve death.

I do believe when the fight ensued between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, young Mr. Martin got the best of the fight with the head butting on concrete. Mr. Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot him when he would not stop. I do not believe George Zimmerman deliberately hunted down and shot young Mr. Martin. But then, what I or you believe does not matter. It’s was the jury’s call. According to the laws of Florida, the testimonies and evidence presented in court, the jury rendered a not guilty verdict on George Zimmerman. They saw the shooting as self-defense.

George Z1The emotions are fever pitched from many who feel Mr. Zimmerman got away with murdering Trayvon Martin and should now be in prison. Many do not believe the testimonies or evidence. Some do believe that no fight occurred and that Mr. Zimmerman deliberately stalked and shot to kill the young teen. Others are angry at the jury for rendering a verdict based on Florida law as it relates to self-defense. BTW, the defense team never argued Florida’s specific Stand Your Ground Law in defending George Zimmerman.

As extremely terrible as Trayvon Martin’s death is, too many folks of color are making this the tragedy of the century while ignoring the deaths of young black men, teens and young children that continue to happen in Chicago, Illinois. Arrests go begging there. It is blacks killing blacks and that should at least get equal enragement to the Martin death if not more. We had this argument in my household. Family members shouted me down. They tell me black on black deaths are different. Trayvon Martin’s death is in the worst of the worst category of whites, (and Zimmerman’s so-called whiteness is another debate) getting away with murdering black males. There was a time when I thought like that, but now the enraged anger over white on black murder while mitigating black on black murders does not fly with me.

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty

George Z_not guilty

The verdict on George Zimmerman is not guilty. From what I made of the case, it was a tragic incident were a young man was killed. From the reports, I wondered why Mr. Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon Martin after he was told to stop. There are reports of some sort of turn around that say young Mr. Martin  followed him as he was on his way back to his car after being told to stop the following.

I thought under the original charge of 2nd degree murder, he would go free. Most of the legal pundits said the prosecutors’ case for 2nd degree murder was just too weak. Then, when the judge allowed the manslaughter charge at the last-minute, I thought there might be a conviction, because of my experience as a juror on a manslaughter case. Well, no matter how any of us assessed what happened, we had no say in Mr.  Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt. It was all up to the jury based on the presentation of evidence and testimony in court, the judge’s instructions and the laws of the state of Florida.

I pray that people who are angry at the not guilty verdict do not do what is expected of them, which is to riot and kill, because as they see it, there was no justice for Trayvon. There is a corporate plea to not do any violence in reaction to a guilty verdict. The call is for all protests to be peaceful. George Zimmerman is free, but it should not be a surprise if and when we hear of Mr.Zimmerman back in court facing Trayvon’s parents in a civil suit. There is even the possibility of the Department of Justice stepping in and charging him at the federal level for civil rights violations. As relieved as George Zimmerman is tonight, it is not over for him.

Reflecting on a Few Issues

I know it has been a while and much has gone down and I have only blogged once for the July 4th holiday since June 24th. I was going to post, but realized I needed a blog break and still do. I will be posting on ‘feel like it’ as oppose to posting on ‘work to do’  for the time being.

The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare being upheld as a tax was a shocker. I am reading so many columns and blog posts coming down on the entire Supreme enclave. Chief Justice Roberts deserves the criticism he is getting and it should have been no surprise that Justices, Kagan, Sotomayor, Breyer, and  Ginsberg would uphold this health care law, but Chief Justice Roberts came out of left field on this one.

Many thought Justice Kennedy would give a decision in favor of the law, but he was against it along with Justices Thomas, Alito and Scalia. These Justices who opposed Obamacare in any way are not to be put in the same category with pro law Justices in all the disdaining reactions.

Since the health care ruling, I have notice a decline of links and posts among my conservative Facebook friends (FB). I also play Farmville and now my home page has far more Farmville posts and links with a few conservative news links and post in between. It use to be the complete opposite. This is an indication to me that on the conservative side, some folks are going through a disheartening time. Please come out of it and get back into the battle. Vote Republican this November for president and then for congressional representatives and senators. At least if Pres. Obama wins (and yes he can still win), it will be interesting watching him deal with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

Of course, I do continue to get the news links and posts of anti-Romney, Republican and conservative photos and banners from a few of my liberal/lefty Democratic FB Friends. One leftist FB friend has been particularly rabid in her postings since the health care law was upheld. Chief Justice Roberts has really ignited many on the left.

Besides all the other stuff that has happen, such as Attorney General Holder being cited in contempt of Congress, the hoopla over Mitt Romney speaking at the NAACP is just pushing it. Well to start with, the organisation invited Mitt Romney. He did not just show up. He accepted the invitation and presented his position on the issues. He knew he would get an adverse reaction to parts of his speech.

The booing to what he would do with Obmacare was all over the media. The standing ovation Romney received over his pro traditional family comments is hard to find, except for Fox News. Although a few black conservatives felt he kind of blew it in enticing some black voters, I liked Romney’s speech. But then, he has my vote. I am not voting for Barack Obama.

In conclusion, I want to express some corrective and personal views on the NAACP. I spent a little time on a conservative FB friend’s page replying to a comment about the organization being all black. The NAACP has white and other non-black membership. Some are unaware that there are local offices of the organization headed by non-blacks, such as J. David Alcantara in New Jersey.

I feel the NAACP is still dealing with issues like it is 1942 when this civil rights organization was absolutely relevant. They are in 1942 heaven with the voter suppression controversy. As I stated in a previous post, I do feel there is a problem for some of the elderly in obtaining a voter ID in states that have new voter ID laws.

The problem primarily is obtaining a birth certificate as a requirement for the ID. Some of the older folks like my late father who were not born in hospitals and were able do things (with no need for a passport) in life during a time when a birth certificate was not required  for much. The NAACP is making this racial which not really the case.


Shocked at the verdict that only found Casey Anthony guilty of lying to the police! I was not all that sure of first degree murder, but from what I read and heard, Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter’s death.  But then, I was not on the jury to hear all the testimony and hear and see all the presented evidence. But justice has yet to be served for little Caylee Anthony.  Here are a few reactions to the verdict.