Severe Winter Weather: A Little Levity with a Serious Issue

While experiencing the effects of a severe winter here is a little levity. The Durham Academy’s school Head, Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark make a weather announcement. This is cute and funny.

The seriousness is the increased number of school closures due to the severity of this winter. I know schools are dealing with how students are going to make up the time lost to snow/ice days in thousands of school districts. The number of school closure days due to snow and ice where I live in south-eastern PA is about 10 now. If we stay in this severe pattern, we will probably experience a few more. South eastern PA school students will now be in school on holidays, such as this Monday’s Presidents Day. They may even lose all the days for Spring Break and/or remain in school until July. Not good…not good at all!

Required Reading: Heather Has Two Mommies!

FBMeme_liberal logic 101_no bibles

I do not know about you, but it angers me that in our public schools systems, books such as Heather has Two Mommies gets high recommendations. These books are about molding the minds and shaping the hearts of children to morally accept any type of sexual preference. Some folks out there believe such books should be required reading at the elementary level. Oh, that is so appalling! Just think about molding and shaping children into accepting any sexual preference as valid while the Supreme Court allowed public schools to exclude the Word of God.  This is a triumph for those on the liberal and leftist side of life.

Getting in Trouble for Saying Christmas

CartoonistUnkwn_I said ChristmasCartoonist Unknown

This editorial cartoon goes back some years. I am pretty sure when this cartoon first hit the newspapers, many who thought the cartoon stretched it a bit, do not see it that way now. After all, the cries against the Christmas holiday are stronger than ever. Throughout my elementary school years, the Christmas season was acknowledged, with bible readings, music, decorations and gift giving. During my junior and senior high school years, it was down to decorations and music. But Christmas salutations were shared throughout my public school years. Principals, teachers and children can get into so much trouble now for doing any of what I could do during my years in public school.

From my experiences in child care, the tolerance for child profanity grows stronger all the time. I dealt with parents in my later child care years who felt their child’s use of profanity was cute. I watched an episode of the TV show, The View back in the fall where Joy Behar questioned why children are not allowed to use curse words. With these kind of adult attitudes on children’s use of profanity and the growing anti Christmas culture, you can guess which child in the cartoon was most likely to get suspended or even expelled.

Government and Schools Taking Authority Over Parents

I am sure you have heard of a preschool child’s lunch replaced by a state inspector with a government chicken nugget lunch in the state of North Carolina. The child’s parents received a bill for the replacement. The child’s lunch consist of a turkey and cheese sandwich, juice drink, banana and potato chips. This lunch did not meet USDA nutritional guidelines. Most reports put emphasis on the fried chicken nugget replacement, questioning its nutritional value against the turkey and cheese sandwich, but I did read online that the reason for the lunch replacement was due to no vegetable being present and the inclusion of junk food potato chips.  The mother said the child was finicky about vegetables, so she encouraged vegetable eating when eating meals at home.

Now really, is it necessary for a government official to step in and change the child’s lunch? Who says the child is going to eat the government lunch that included a vegetable anyway? That poor child was also given the message that his/her mother did wrong with the turkey and cheese sandwich lunch. I feel the government and schools are going out of their way to plant “your parents do not know what they are doing” seeds in children’s minds these days. The effort to erode parental authority has already shifted into high gear.

If you do not feel the lunch thing is so bad, how about government backing of schools providing free condoms to students even in elementary school regardless of how parents feel? This is coming from the progressive leftist side of things. Can you even count on 1 hand any conservative promoting anyone policing school lunches and giving out any kind of free contraceptives to minor school students?

A Great Education Discussion

I watched a previous discussion on public education on C-SPAN that took place in Arkansas as a part of the Clinton School speaker series. When it comes to education, I think many Democrats and Republicans come to the same page. Some conservatives were angry with Newt Gingrich for teaming up with  leftist liberal, Al Sharpton to rally for education at different schools around the country solely because of Al Sharpton, but more understood. The teaming was not about the conservative Republican/liberal Democrat debate over throwing money at schools.

It was about dealing with the disparity of graduation rates and education of minorities through driving the importance of learning, not disrespecting teachers in the classroom and taking going to school seriously throughout life. I cannot fault Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Sharpton for doing that. Hey, non graduation rates for black males is the highest in Detroit. See the Education section in Tale of Two Cities. I am in no way excluding parental blame, because there is some to go around, but this concentration is on the school/educator side.

On C-SPAN Mayor Kevin Johnson (Democrat and formerly of the NBA) of Sacramento, California and his fiancée, the former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools system in Washington, D. C., Michelle Rhee  discussed  the “State of Education.” I was on Ms. Rhee’s side during her embattled time as the D. C. schools chancellor.  Mayor Johnson’s past education building efforts led to a low-income area majority black student school out performing suburban majority white schools in test scores.

I restrain my partisan being when it comes to education.  Please at least listen to a portion of the entire discussion in the video here. You will hear Mayor Johnson talk about the school that out performed suburban schools among other great things.