The Present the Democrats Wished They Never Received

Rick McKee_Obamacare PresentRick McKee Cartoon

Congressional Democrats voted for the over 1000 pages Affordable Care Act (ACA and also called Obamacare) after only having it in their possession for no more than 2 days. Do you really think they had the time to read all those pages? No Republican in the House or Senate voted for it. Well, the ACA’s individual mandate negatively affected enough people by making them lose their private health care insurance. Now through the ACA they must take new plans with higher premiums and deductibles.

The individual mandate caused a huge negative impact to the point that the affected voters just might choose not to re-elect the Democrats who voted the ACA into law. What happens when the employer mandate drops next year right around election time? See the cuts to work hours and jobs so far here.

Taking in the Controversies About Nelson Mandela

46664 Concert: In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela's Life - PerformanceI see many opinions related to the passing of Nelson Mandela. Some people have promoted him to sainthood and Messiahship, while those on the opposite far end see him as terrorist with a better success rate than Osama bin Laden. I read reports of some of the violent methods used by the non white people under apartheid in South Africa’s African National Congress and backed by one of its leaders, Nelson Mandela for  fighting against the racial apartheid (which was worse than legal segregation in this country), and I am not excusing it. I also know that Mr. Mandela was politically and economically on the side of communism. I also cannot go with that.

I saw a Mandela meme which I think is ridiculous. According to the meme list, Mr. Mandela is responsible for an awful lot of bombings during his 27 years in prison. There is no source given to back up any of the stated bombings. Really! How can Mr. Mandela be responsible for all those bombings while serving time in an apartheid prison? What does that say about the security in that prison if he was successful throughout his 27 years in causing bombings in cities and towns in South Africa? Oh, if you clicked on the ‘meme list’ link and think you came across a comment that sounds like it came from me about that Mandela meme, you are correct. I got a few likes, but nobody as yet give an answer to my question on that page.

Homosexuality: I Take This View


Hey, we are all sinners, because the word of God says in Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God…” Read the passage concerning anyone and the Lord Jesus Christ here and also and travel the Roman Road here. We can love the person and not their actions that we see wrong according to the Word of God. If you do not think you can love some regardless of their wrong doings, ask a mother about her love for her prison time serving son or daughter.

My Christian blog is still on the way. When the blog is up and running, you may see a post like this from time to time, but this category of post will remain mostly on this blog of politics, culture, family,history and inspiration. My Christian blog will be about thoughts and music from the word of God.