Drawn Borders = Racism!

Can you believe this? Drawn borders and might I also add with laws on how a non citizen is to cross a country’s border with consequences for breaking those laws are racists!  What else do you hear in the defense of illegal immigration? Do you notice that the total emphasis is on the United States for not allowing people from other countries to cross its borders as if they were crossing the boundaries of my borough of Lansdale into Upper Gwynedd Township, especially coming from Mexico.

Now Mexico and other countries have laws for non citizens crossing their borders and nasty consequences if you do not legally cross them. Look what happened with those 2 young men and the woman who accidentally crossed the Iranian border while hiking. They spent time in Iranian prisons for suspected spying. When the U. S. finally enforces the consequences for illegal border crossing, the illegal border crossers get sent back to their country, even the ones who commit awful crimes after illegally coming into this country. But, the country of the United States gets singled out as the evil imperialist racist!

Don’t Drop the I-Word

I watched Bill O’Reilly respectfully make mince meat out of Monica Nova’s argument. She is pro illegal immigration and is apart of the “Drop the I-Word” campaign. Off course, the I-word is the word, illegal. She  does not agree with this country’s immigration laws and views people who are against illegal immigrants as racists. Is that because of the influx of people from Mexico sneaking into this country? Well, as Mr. O’Reilly pointed out, illegal immigrants come from a variety of countries.

Plain and simple, People who do not enter this country legally are illegal. It is not a hate word. Illegal describes the status of those who sneak in and bypass this country’s lawful immigration procedures. Illegal also applies to those who do not keep up with their immigration paper work  and procedures after legally entering this country. Personally, I do make a distinction between adults and children. Even though the children are also illegal, they are not responsible like their parents. Please note that Ms. Nova was legally brought to this country by her parents.

A Family Member Agreeing With Another Conservative That She Does Not Like

On my old blog, Conservative Minority, I did a post on a family member.  Linda was the fictitious name given. Linda is a confirmed Democrat and never thinks of leaving the Democratic Party. Linda feels Pres. Obama is being bashed too much. Previously, I blogged about Linda being against the Democrats’ thinking on illegal immigration and feeling that illegals should be caught and sent back to where they came from. It does irk her somewhat that she share’s the same sentiments on illegal immigration as Ann Coulter and that the Democrats are for giving citizenship to people who are in this country illegally.

Another subject  has come up that has Linda going against  those who share her political identification. It is the community center/mosque, Ground Zero controversy. When she first heard about it, her gut response was that no mosque should go up anywhere near where so many people were killed in the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center by radical Muslim extremists. Sean Hannity is against the building of this mosque. Linda is in agreement with him and is bewildered by the liberals who are for the community center/mosque. She dislikes Mr. Hannity more than Ann Coulter!