Why Not at the Beginning with Minimum Wage?

Liberal Logic 101_Ann Coulter_MW

Yes! If this minimum wage thing is so important, why did not Pres. Obama put it to the Democrats when they had just about the highest numbers in both Houses of Congress? The Pres. is using the minimum wage to divert us from his failed policies such as the ACA (Affordable Care Act) which is hurting so many more people than it is helping across this country with its high co-pays, deductibles, and its non coverage for infants. The ACA is also having a negative affect on employment. Go here for one man’s sharing of his experience with Pres. Obama.

Now that I think of those first two years of the Obama administration, I do remember cries for increasing employment and raising the minimum wage from the left over health care. The administration ignored those cries as the Pres. assigned certain members of the House and Senate to come together with a health care bill. Working on ways to increase employment really never happened. So finally, I leave you with this.

Andrew Breitbart Gone

Oh, it is so hard to believe that Andrew Breitbart is dead! What a shock! There are nasty mean tweets out there on his passing. Shame on those people who are doing that. Liberal lefty Donna Brazile tweeted the following:

“Andrew Breitbart was a conservative political combatant who was unafraid of his critics. We battled on and off the air, but he was a genius.”

Now that was respectful coming from a person who opposed Mr. Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart had no fear. He was the conservative who would come on lefty type programs like Bill Maher’s Real Time. He was the conservative who did interviews on cable news stations other than Fox News. He was the conservative with a wonderful conservative news website. Most importantly, he was the great conservative investigative journalist. His investigations into ACORN brought it down. Mr. Breitbart’s investigation into former Rep. Anthony Weiner, made the married Mr. Weiner confess that he lied about being hacked and that his sex based tweets to other women, especially the photo tweet of his private part, true. Reports are out that Mr. Breitbart had astonishing video on Pres. Obama during his college years that he was holding back until this fall. When people on the left would try to ambush him in public, he go right back at them and then some with the facts.

I did flip-flop on the Shirley Sherrod controversy, but finally grounded myself on his side. I told him so on his Facebook page. His response to me was very touching. I saw him in person at the Uni-TEA in Philly 2 summers ago. Here he is at CPAC 2012.

My condolences to Andrew Breitbart’s family.  Oh, will he be missed!