Transgender Restrooms!!!!

Elections do have their consequences. We can thank those Republicans and conservatives who held back their vote or voted for some third-party candidate who could never ever possibly won a presidential victory in 2008 and 2012 for the current federal liberal progressives having their way with the public. I will never understand the notion of being so angry with your political party to the point of not caring if your angry actions help to give victory to the opposing political party who continues to make changes that are screwing up the country.

gender_neutral_signHow do you feel about transgender restrooms? I know I am very uncomfortable with them. The Obama administration feds are Forcing public schools to adopt ‘nondiscrimination’ for transgender teachers and students, which includes making school restrooms transgender. Before the word, transgender ever became apart of anyone’s vocabulary, I took a class on one of Temple University’s campuses. The 2 story building of my class had one restroom with several stalls for everyone. I went to use it and I walked in on a male coming out of a stall. I walked back out and found another classroom building with male and female restrooms.

When I worked in the childcare classroom, sometimes while the custodian cleaned one of the boys’ or girl’s restroom, we would designate stalls for the little preschool girls and boys to use in the other restroom. Once one parent saw this going on, the childcare center then received a barrage of complaints. Taking preschoolers to the restroom that way stopped. How do you feel about a boy whose parents let him live as a girl going into a restroom with your daughter? How do you feel as an adult going to use a restroom with a big clunky male living as female or a female appearing as a male?

Unacceptable Abuses of Power

I am really liking Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 4th congressional district.  You have to admit this is excellent. Really Obama supporters, there is no valid defense of his unacceptable abuses of power. How can you defend what the President did? All I can see is your usual response of no defense with facts and going with the personal attacks. The attacking of Rep. Gowdy would begin with the name calling and the use of curse words. Some would probably put down the Constitution to deflect from Pres. Obama, which would not work against Rep. Gowdy’s facts of the President’s actions. I know Rep. Gowdy has only 3 years as a Congressman, but I think he is on his way to being a wonderful future Speaker of the House.

Our President’s Habit of Snubbing the God

I still do not believe that Pres. Obama is a Muslim, but do believe he has strong Muslim sympathies. Really, what Muslim leader do you know that is pro gay like Pres. Obama? I argue on occasion with those who think he is a saved believer in Jesus Christ. I did believe that for short time, but with all the anti God actions going on under his watch, it is plain to me that he either believes in something that has nothing to do with God or he does not believe in God at all.

Have you notice how Pres. Obama tends to not acknowledge the Lord? In 2010, the Pres. experienced chastisement from the bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus for saying our national motto is”… E pluribus unum – out of many one.” Our national motto is “In God We Trust.” He left out the “Creator’ in the Declaration of Independence.  Pres. Obama has also left out God in his Thanksgiving messages. Now who is he thankful to, if it is not God?

Gettysburg address

The latest God snub is in the 150th celebration of the Gettysburg Address. Again, Pres. Obama leaves out, “Under God.” Media Matters defends the Pres. by saying that he was asked to read the Nicolay version which was a draft that left out, “Under God.” Somehow, I do not buy that. Well, in any case, Pres. Obama should have known something was wrong when he saw no reference to God in his recitation. In its finality, Abraham Lincoln did say, “Under God” in the Gettysburg Address. Since, there is a warning about embedding this video go here to view the President and go here to view the several celebrities doing parts of the Gettysburg Address.

The ACA and Other Things

obamacare logoWell things have been more than bumpy for my Democratic friends due to the imploding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. I continue to hear a fierce defense from some and while others have become real quiet. The latest is that a bill passed in the House that says you can keep your health plan with the help of 39 Democrats. This is for those who are experiencing cancellation of their current health care plan because of not meeting the new criteria specified in the ACA. You know it is bad when Democrats who are up reelection next year are siding with Republicans. So far, it is just not going well at all for Pres. Obama’s signature legislation.

Please note that the employer mandate is under delay until about 2015. With millions across the country losing their health plans due to not meeting the new criteria in the ACA under the individual mandate, just think what could happen if the employer mandate was in place now as originally planned! Think of increased loss of health care coverage due to employers not being able to meet the new ACA criteria. Well some folks are already experiencing that loss as employees. But if both mandates were in play now, the ACA would be just about gone.

In other happenings, in this past local election,  my borough experienced mostly Republican victories with the mayor and borough council. There were Democratic victories with the judges. Due to limited access to the Internet, I am not able to blog like in the past. My household decided to save some money by going with a personal hot spot which is not working out well. This has slowed down the start of my Christian blog, but I have not given up on it. I hope to be back with full Internet Access in the new year or sooner.