Raised Minimum Wage

Gary Varvel_minimum wage hikeGary Varvel Cartoon

Yes, this will be happening if/when the minimum wage hikes to $10.00 an hour or even as some proposed, $15.00 an hour becomes law of the land. Some otherwise very intelligent people strongly feel that the employer should personally take a pay cut so that every low hourly wage employee benefits from the wage increase and no one gets laid off.  We are well down that road where you end up in a cul-de-sac of mixed socialism and communism.

I use to think that wealthier people owed those making less money more pay. That is leftist thinking. Now that I think the opposite, I cannot get over how so many people feel wealthier employers owe their employees more of their personal profits. Some of these same people are okay with raising taxes to help equalize pay and benefits for everyone. Why are more and more people so into the government taking from those who are reaping the benefits of  establishing a successful business?

Barack Obama: What He Would Do and Later Do the Opposite

View the video below to hear what Pres. Obama said he would do as President when he was the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008.

Barack Obama is in his 2nd term and going into his 6th presidential year. So, what did he say about 3 weeks back? He will be doing the complete opposite.

Pres. Obama says whatever people want to hear without being held accountable. What he said in the first video and then in this recent one should anger every voter, especially the ones who voted for him. But then, most of that crowd are ignoring  or trying to explain/spin it away.


Liberal Detroit and Conservative Texas

Lib Detroit_Con Texas.

The bankrupt city of Detroit is a great example of where nothing but Democrat policies for a long time will take you. There has not been any Republican anything in power in that city for the last 60 years. Back in the day when I was still a Democrat, I remember being thrilled watching the new young Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick along with his mother, the then Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick on C-SPAN. Oh, did he disappoint me! People living in cities that Democrats are running and ran for decades should take a good look at the fiscal health of their city. Who knows if your city maybe next to go bankrupt!

I know some of you are saying the comparison is a little off, because Detroit is a city and Texas is a state, but Texas is doing better in this downed economy. Can you say the same for your state? The cities in Texas do not fiscally resemble Detroit in the least. Many of the people who  are boiling over angry with the high taxing liberal to leftist state of California are leaving and moving to Republican conservative Texas, especially for better business prospects. Hey! We can proudly blame George W. Bush for Texas. Gov Rick Perry had to deal with what then Gov. Bush left him. It was all good and Gov. Perry has made it better.

Democrats of Detroit and the fiscally failing cities that are further down the that road where the destination is bankruptcy, should be taking a good look at Republican conservative policies at the city and state level. There are plenty of ‘I told you so’ reactions out there, but it would be wonderful for Detroit some day to achieve full restoration. Of course that will not happen if they continue to run with liberal to leftist policies of the Democratic Party.

The Two Cows: Political Economic Thinking


I like this situation of the two cows in the hands different political economic thinkers. From my perspective, I see the two cows a little different under Democrat. During those years, I did not feel guilty. I was not monetarily rich, but I was able to support myself. I did think it was the government’s top priority to get people out of destitution, because I cared in the wrong way.  Therefore, I did vote for people who believed in heavier taxation to keep and grow entitlements. Now as I grow as a Republican conservative, I see the errors of my liberal Democratic thinking. The situation of the two cows come out the best under the Republican political economic thinker.