Thanking the Super Linemen

Gary Varvel_super linemenGary Varvel Cartoon

Many of us, including my household dealt with the loss of power in the last 2 months due to a very rough record-breaking winter. I want to thank the linemen everywhere who spend so many hours in the snow and ice repairing the electrical lines so we can get our power back. Again thank you so much! As this Varvel editorial cartoon depicts, you are all Superman.

Uniting Behind the 2014 U. S. Olympic Team

2014 Winter Olympics_U S

I pray for victory for the 2014 U. S. Winter Olympic team. I know of at least one gold medal for our country so far. The Olympics usually bring us differing political types together. I am hitting the like button and making very positive comments on my Democratic Facebook friend’s page to her very pro U. S. Olympic links. We are pro gold for our country’s team. God bless them!