Happy Father’s Day 2015

What else can I say about my wonderful, marvelous father that I have not said in previous Father’s Day blog posts that you can view by going through the month of June starting in 2011 or hitting the Father’s Day tag? My father loved the Lord and he was so friendly! Although I deeply miss him, he is with the Lord which is the best place to be for eternity. One day I will be with him again.


My father loved traditional Christian music. He loved hymns. Here is one hymn sung in his preferred music style. I can picture him now singing along in his tenor voice.

2014 Happy Independence Day: The 4th of July

On this great holiday, go here to take the full version of the citizenship test. I correctly answered 45 out of 50. The question on the Indian tribes was one of the questions I incorrectly answered. Have a wonderful Independence Day and enjoy the patriotic music features. 

4th Fireworks_animated

4th July_IndepenDay

4th Fireworks_animated

Severe Winter Weather: A Little Levity with a Serious Issue

While experiencing the effects of a severe winter here is a little levity. The Durham Academy’s school Head, Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark make a weather announcement. This is cute and funny.

The seriousness is the increased number of school closures due to the severity of this winter. I know schools are dealing with how students are going to make up the time lost to snow/ice days in thousands of school districts. The number of school closure days due to snow and ice where I live in south-eastern PA is about 10 now. If we stay in this severe pattern, we will probably experience a few more. South eastern PA school students will now be in school on holidays, such as this Monday’s Presidents Day. They may even lose all the days for Spring Break and/or remain in school until July. Not good…not good at all!

Thanking the Super Linemen

Gary Varvel_super linemenGary Varvel Cartoon

Many of us, including my household dealt with the loss of power in the last 2 months due to a very rough record-breaking winter. I want to thank the linemen everywhere who spend so many hours in the snow and ice repairing the electrical lines so we can get our power back. Again thank you so much! As this Varvel editorial cartoon depicts, you are all Superman.

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty

George Z_not guilty

The verdict on George Zimmerman is not guilty. From what I made of the case, it was a tragic incident were a young man was killed. From the reports, I wondered why Mr. Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon Martin after he was told to stop. There are reports of some sort of turn around that say young Mr. Martin  followed him as he was on his way back to his car after being told to stop the following.

I thought under the original charge of 2nd degree murder, he would go free. Most of the legal pundits said the prosecutors’ case for 2nd degree murder was just too weak. Then, when the judge allowed the manslaughter charge at the last-minute, I thought there might be a conviction, because of my experience as a juror on a manslaughter case. Well, no matter how any of us assessed what happened, we had no say in Mr.  Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt. It was all up to the jury based on the presentation of evidence and testimony in court, the judge’s instructions and the laws of the state of Florida.

I pray that people who are angry at the not guilty verdict do not do what is expected of them, which is to riot and kill, because as they see it, there was no justice for Trayvon. There is a corporate plea to not do any violence in reaction to a guilty verdict. The call is for all protests to be peaceful. George Zimmerman is free, but it should not be a surprise if and when we hear of Mr.Zimmerman back in court facing Trayvon’s parents in a civil suit. There is even the possibility of the Department of Justice stepping in and charging him at the federal level for civil rights violations. As relieved as George Zimmerman is tonight, it is not over for him.