Choosing to Ignore the March for Life, Again!

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It looks like a good portion of main stream media chose to ignore the March for Life again! A big deal is made of college football player, Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend to the point that it is a major discussion on TV news programs for days. Katie Couric gets hive fives for nailing the first interview with Mr. Te’o. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands take part in the March for Life against abortion on Friday, Jan. 25th and Fox News is just about the only media outlet that gives the March any news coverage. I do not think C-Span even bothered to cover it.

I did not know anything about the March for Life until I started watching Fox News when my cable company starting airing the cable news station in 2001. Just think, the March for Life came into being in 1974 against the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court pro abortion decision! The march against abortion is more than equal to the Manti Te’o story. With the Obama administration being so pro-choice/death (baby killing), the media news folks should be presenting the dissenting position.

An Individual Instance of Hate to a Black Republican

This one is for those who still feel black people politically support blacks simply because they are black. I guess they see every black as a Democrat, which is wrong. Watch this black woman, Charlotte Bergmann who is a Republican running for Congress get despicable treatment from the Memphis black talk radio host, Thaddeus Matthews. This horrible, hateful racist man would not even shake her hand, because he feared her “whiteness” would rub off on him. Ridiculous!

I received a few strong reactions of this type to my going conservative and Republican on Facebook and other online venues. While not ignoring or even running from them, I refuse to get down to their  level in my responses.

Politichicking Ladies

Saturday Night Live alumnus, Victoria Jackson is very much the conservative and is now on an online TV program called PolitiChicks, which is somewhat like a conservative alternative to The View. Well The View is not 100% liberal/left. There is Elizabeth Hasselbeck who gets some conservative support in relation to family matters and support of the military sometimes from her otherwise liberal  buddy Sherri Shepherd.

PolitiChicks came on the scene just last month. Besides Victoria Jackson, the other fiercely conservative activists are Anne-Marie Murrell, Jannique Stewart and Jennie Jones. Read more about PolitiChicks here.

Get a taste of PolitiChicks

National Emergency Alert Fail

This national emergency alert test was a failure as far as it concerned me. From all the reports I heard on the different failure occurrences, I did not hear about  TVs switching to a station and staying there. The remotes went dead to channel switching. That is what happen to 2 TVs in my household.  TBN is the station the TVs in my household go to when this test happens locally. But then it goes on to make the alert sound and then back to TBN and finally back to the station originally viewed. This time it went to TBN and that was it.

It took a couple of hours and more than 1 phone call to the cable company to get 1 TV back to normal. It took the other TV a couple of days, because while performing the tasks get everything working again like I did on the other TV, one of the cable cords surged. This happened on Wednesday. The cable company could not come to correct the situation until Friday morning. If this nationwide emergency alert test had been the real thing that could affected our national safety, we would be in deep trouble.

Responding to an Al Sharpton Post and Where He is Now at MSNBC

I continue to get views and comments on my July 27th blog post,  MSNBC’s Higher Ratings with Al Sharpton every few weeks or so. This was a wait and see post, but a few folks went off the deep end, because I did not bash Mr. Sharpton’s racial politicking and social angst. Then there were responses in support of Mr. Sharpton. I am not one of his supporters and take issues with most of his dispositions, but I am not a hater on anyone and that includes Mr. Sharpton. I do listen often (Currently listening to some segments of Neil Boortz in Atlanta through the computer) to conservative/libertarian and liberal leftist talk radio to hear the arguments from differing political view points. Since the liberal leftist side is far less represented in talk radio, the local urban talk radio station is where I go to hear the liberal leftist arguments.

Philly’s urban talk radio has Al Sharpton on from 1:00-4:00 p. m. weekdays. I do not listen to his radio program in its entirety, but I do catch segments. That also goes for his weekday 6:00 p. m. TV program. Folks in my household who feel where he is coming from is not represented enough on TV are happy with the fact that he has TV program, but they never turn it on. I think they are representative in part of many out there on the liberal/left side. I say in part, because one family member is just too use to watching local news and the national nightly news during the 6 p. m. hour. But many on the liberal/left side just are not into watching news programming.

Al Sharpton started out getting decent ratings as a substitute host. The viewer ratings starved MSNBC jumped on the ratings boost right away by putting Mr. Sharpton on and dumping Cenk Uygur who had only been in the early evening time slot for only 6 months. Mr. Sharpton’s viewer ratings went down,  but he stills pulls in higher ratings than CNN’s John King every other day or so. Now if someone subbing gets better ratings than Mr. Sharpton, he will be gone too! But then, maybe his situation would get a different handling. See the ratings for Thursday and Friday cable news programming here and here.

I think MSNBC also gave Al Sharpton a program, because of the criticism of the cable news station being pro liberal and pro minority, but did not have any people of color hosting in the evening line up. The cable news station would see some damaging publicity and reactions if they dumped Mr. Sharpton and replace him with a non black: thus,  Professors, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry are probably the possibilities if Al Sharpton ever gets the heave-ho.