Bizarre Support

Can you believe it? I am talking about all this support and reverence for deranged killer, Christopher Dorner. I know police abuse exist. I know the abuse problem it is not racial. It is an authority abuse problem. I also know employees can be jerked around by people higher in the personnel chain. Dorner is not the champion for authority and personnel abuse causes, since he turned murderer.  My heart goes out to the widow of the police officer, Michael Crain murdered by Dorner. No way is Dorner a hero of any sort.

I cannot believe what I am reading and hearing! This is so bizarre I visited a support page with over 24,000 likes for this murderer on Facebook. The sympathetic, support and love comments are sickening. I posted 2 pro deranged murderer comments without liking the page. So, I am now blocked and the administrators of that page deleted my comments within 30 minutes of their posting. This just more evidence of the declining state of the culture.

Here is Columbia University professor, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill giving credence to this man that seriously injured and killed innocent people.

Hear Dr. Hill defend his comments and then Bill O’Reilly telling him were he is wrong.



Taking Part in Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

I bought from Chick-fil-A (CFA) today. I support the CEO’s right to express his belief in the biblical definition of marriage. One family member had never tasted any CFA food until today. Already the chicken sandwich is on its way to replacing the McDonald’s chicken sandwich as her fast food favorite.

I am sorry that I have no photos of my CFA experience today. I went to a CFA in the food court of the nearby Montgomery Shopping Mall of North Wales, PA. There was a long line, but the service was quick. I ran into a few members from my church either ahead of me in line or getting in line after I made my purchase.

One woman walked over and posed questions to me and two others on our support. She labeled us homophobic. She did not care for our responses  about standing up for one’s belief or support of traditional family values not being hateful. “Is CFA offering some kind of discount today” is the one question she kept repeating. See the video below about the national Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day which was a success.

Supporting Chick-fil-A

The founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A (CFA), S. Truett Cathy stated his biblical beliefs in support of traditional family and marriage values and his opposition to same-sex marriage. Now a few city mayors, starting with Boston are trying to keep CFA from doing  any more business in their cities. Various Gay groups are calling for a boycott of CFA.

Well, I support CFA and will be buying their food on ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ this Wednesday, August 1.

Thanking Our Veterans 2011: Support and Causes

On this Veterans Day, let us pause to give honor to those who have served our country in the armed forces. I am a great admirer of wounded veteran J. R. Martinez, who was on the defunct soap opera, All My Children and still dancing as of this post, on Dancing with the Stars. Mr. Martinez at 19 years of age suffered burns over 40% of his body when the Humvee he was driving hit a landmine in Iraq. The burns have altered his physical appearance, but, his facial scarring seems to evaporate after seeing him in action. He has such a contagious smile and an upbeat personality. God bless him.

Here are the veteran and burn causes that he supports:

Operation Finally Home

 Iraq Star


 Phoenix Society

Rise and Honor Veterans Day 11-11-11

Please click on the photo of actor of Gary Sinise (CSI-New York) to get info on  American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

Also go here for the Wounded Warrior Project’s benefit services for veterans.

Go here for my 2010 veteran salute