The Result of the Ridiculous Obama Comparison

There some among people of all political persuasions who get carried away. Some folks on the conservative side who truly hate Pres. Obama get carried away with personal attacks. I am against Barack Obama as President, but since all things are possible with God, I pray for him to be spiritually convicted, cry to the Lord and make Jesus Christ his Savior. I also pray this for his family. Those nasty personal attack comments coming from some conservative Christians are heartbreaking to me.

Barack Obama and satan actor

Pres. Barack Obama is doing much to hurt this country. He does not have my support, but some conservatives gave him back door and/or underhanded support by not voting in the last two presidential elections. That allowed him more of a majority vote and winner take all electoral votes to be president twice. But I digress, so let us get back to the main point.

Folks on the conservative side went nuts last year over the Satan character resembling Barack Obama in The Bible mini series on the History Channel. They took it as a sure sign that Pres. Obama is Satan. Now that is ridiculous. The Pres. only resembled the actor, Mehdi Ouazzani who portrayed Satan, the enemy. I go with the Pres. being used by the enemy, as we have all been used in varying degrees by him. For example, if true Christians seek revenge and have unforgivness in their hearts, they know that none of that came from the Lord.

One of the Bible producers, Roma Downey made known her displeasure on Fox and Friends. She could not believe that the Obama resemblance to the enemy portrayed by an actor received so much reaction while the miracles of Jesus Christ did not get any kind of a reaction. One could say the enemy used good people to bring attention to himself over the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible is being re-edited into a film called the Son of God. The result of the crazy reaction to the resemblance is that Mehdi Ouazzani’s portrayal of Satan is that Mr. Ouazzani was cut from the film. So I sadly gather that Mr. Ouazzani just lost a paycheck and valued screen appearance time for satanizing Pres. Obama through his portrayal. Roma Downey shares about the decision here.