Bizarre Support

Can you believe it? I am talking about all this support and reverence for deranged killer, Christopher Dorner. I know police abuse exist. I know the abuse problem it is not racial. It is an authority abuse problem. I also know employees can be jerked around by people higher in the personnel chain. Dorner is not the champion for authority and personnel abuse causes, since he turned murderer.  My heart goes out to the widow of the police officer, Michael Crain murdered by Dorner. No way is Dorner a hero of any sort.

I cannot believe what I am reading and hearing! This is so bizarre I visited a support page with over 24,000 likes for this murderer on Facebook. The sympathetic, support and love comments are sickening. I posted 2 pro deranged murderer comments without liking the page. So, I am now blocked and the administrators of that page deleted my comments within 30 minutes of their posting. This just more evidence of the declining state of the culture.

Here is Columbia University professor, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill giving credence to this man that seriously injured and killed innocent people.

Hear Dr. Hill defend his comments and then Bill O’Reilly telling him were he is wrong.



Some on the Left Side Not Keeping Their Disappointment Quiet

I hear often of how Republicans and conservatives do tremendous infighting and eat their own. Comments to me on Obama supporting Facebook pages continue to try to throw that in my face and then go on about how the Democrats will fight among themselves a little, but always come together in the end. Well there is some infighting going on the Democratic side and it is not little.

Lately folks on the liberal left side have come down on Pres. Obama, such as Louis Farrakhan asking, “Who in the he$$ do you think you are” and Dennis Kucinich saying the way Pres. Obama took action in Libya is an impeachable offense. Other disenchanted supporters in the higher profile category are increasingly speaking out against the Pres Obama.

Princeton professor, Dr. Cornel West is the latest of the Obama campaigners to go after him. He called the Pres. “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.” You know Dr. West is catching it! I heard some callers a few days back come down hard on him on Al Sharpton’s radio program. On a few of my ‘gung ho’ Obama Facebook Friends’ pages, there is no mention of Dr. West. I tried to spark some reaction about him by interjecting his name in a response to the ‘Republicans are too divided argument.’ Nobody took the bait and remained strangely quiet.

Dr. West is just one exploding out of Pandora’s box of far lefties disgruntled with Pres. Obama. Many feel he is not using his administration to do enough for blacks and the poor of all races. Listen to Professor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill a self admitted far leftist on the O’Reilly Factor.