Career Day in 2014

Gary Varvel_Career DayGary Varvel Cartoon

This is sad, but it is a reality of today’s economy. There are young college graduates finding themselves working in fast food and/or taking more than 1 part-time job. They thought they would be employed by an organization, big company or etc. making a nice salary with good benefits. Do you support and did you vote for Barack Obama for President?  We are now into the 6th year of his presidency. It is not intelligent to continue to blame George W. Bush for the state of the economy 6 years after his presidency. This economy that delivers low skilled full-time and non benefit part-time jobs over skilled full-time jobs with benefits is the Obama economy.

The Economy…….What!

Michael Ramirez CartoonMichael Ramirez_Obama year to year

What did Pres. Obama say about fixing the economy back on February 1, 2009? In 2014, the economy continues to be far from good. The Pres. received from citizen votes, citizens not voting and voter corruption as some accuse to have a 2nd term. I know his supporters among my family/friend circle refuse to blame him for almost anything. Since Pres. Obama still gets away with not being held accountable, I think the response in the March 2014 Obama image in the cartoon is true. Politically, he stopped caring about the state of the economy.

This CBO Report

Barbara Walters was doing the spin thing after the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) awful report on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. But then, ESPN’s NBA Countdown host, Sage Steele is right on point with her comment to Ms. Walters saying, “Maybe this is the proof why…this is not the way to do it.”

This health care law started out wrong as a bill that was over 1200 pages long and put up for a vote when no one had time to thoroughly read and research it. I am glad that no Republican in either of the houses of Congress voted for the ACA. That includes the Republican who have the RINO label. Surprisingly, they did not vote for the ACA. Congress during that time had strong to perfect Democratic majorities. The Democrats in both houses overwhelmingly voted for this health care bill without reading and researching it; therefore, the blame starts and ends with them.

Now we are reading about people losing their health care that they were suppose to be able continue with if they desired to do so. These same people are signing up for the ACA’s health care and finding out they cannot afford it. People are finding out that they have to get a separate plan for their babies in their families. There are even more horror stories not mentioned here.

The CBO says the ACA, again also known as Obamacare will have a devastating affect for times to come as stated in the graphic below from

CBO_Obamacare_Right Change

Too Low…Too High

Not Taxes+Its Spending

I do not understand people who feel that it is not so bad for the government to spend money that we do not have against our growing deficit. I have debated with a family member over the need to cut spending over raising taxes on the rich. The family member is all for increased taxing of wealthy folks. The belief is that they do not pay their fair share. The family member did not like me saying that the rich pay more of the taxes in this country. Besides, making them pay more taxes is not going to solve our revenue problem.