Continued Blessings for These 3 Women and the Daughter

The three kidnapped Cleveland woman break their silence to say thank you. They look good. What happened to these women really got to me. Just thinking of their profound suffering for all those years in an unsuspecting neighborhood still brings me to tears. For me, it is absolutely unbelievable that the man in whose home they endured horrific physical and emotional pain is pleading not guilty. I continue to pray God’s speed to Amanda Berry and her daughter, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

NO is Also an Answer from God

I remember hearing the late Johnny Carson explain that he could not get into believing there was a God, because when he was a child, a teaching he receive in church was that he should pray to God for the things he desired. He wanted a pony and so he prayed to get a pony. That pony never materialized, so he felt the church sold him a “bill of goods.” Since Mr. Carson did not get his pony, he felt this God thing was phony.

Did Johnny Carson not pay attention to the entire teaching?  Could it be that he was not told that one of God’s answers to prayer is “NO” and that God, the Heavenly Father knows best. As adults and for some as children and teens, we come to understand why our earthly blood father told us “NO” about something we wanted or some activity wanted to carry out, but some of us forget and some of us never realize that the Lord in his infinite wisdom will answer certain prayer petitions with a “NO.”