Horrific Knockout

This awful violence of young blacks today coming from behind with sucker punches and the sometime use of club like weapons to knock the victim unconscious, is known as the “knockout game.” This is beyond barbarism. I know most reports do not identify the perpetrators as black, but that is who they are. What is going on with the mothers of such these days? I say mothers, because it is a good guess that there is no father in the homes of these perpetrators.

Knockout game1

I hear excuses being made, such as anger, no father in the home and no jobs. But as far as this concerns me, there is no excuse whatsoever. I know times are bad, but for blacks, times in decades past have been much worst. I think about what it was like for both my grandfathers way back in the day! As bad as things were for them as young men, they did not go out and commit horrible violence on anyone. They did the best they could under the circumstances.

This cover up of the race of those who are doing this horrible violence by the mainstream media and even some not reporting it at all says much about the low-level of their journalism. This is all so wrong! Go here and here to read more.

When are We Going to Understand That?

There are plenty of blunt comments about race on the various Internet venues. I see from some of the comments that come my way, that there are people from white to black who still think that their entire human makeup shares nothing with people of other races. Can you believe there are people who still think that way about race today? I like what Dr. Ben Carson says when asked why he does not talk much about race.

Ben Carson_substance

No More Herman Cain

I said Herman Cain was toast before Ginger White came out and said he had an affair of 13 years with him. He suspended his presidential campaign which is interesting, because when a suspension occurs for a person or an activity, it usually means a stoppage for a period of time and then resumed. I do not think the Cain presidential campaign will resume at all. So really, it is ended…”dead in the grave” ended!

I do feel sorry for Mr. Cain, even though, there maybe a bit of truth to these sexual harassment allegations. I definitely did not believe Sharon Bialek or Ginger White. I became leery when one allegation would lose prevalence in the news, then another allegation would surface. If Herman Cain was still in the presidential race, another woman would be coming forward in another week or so claiming something dirty about him. The people he has around him did not advise him well on the handling of these sexual allegations. And to think Bill Clinton’s people successfully handled sexual allegations about him and the country elected him President of the U. S.!

I wonder if we will ever find out who was behind the undoing of Herman Cain! Was it on the Republican or the Democratic side? And what about the race thing! Could it be that powerful folks who did not want to see another black man, Democrat or Republican become president? One of my family members feels that way. This family member on the personal side, liked Herman Cain, but is too much of a Democrat to ever consider voting for him.

I was not that eager for the Mr. Cain to be the Republican presidential nominee due to him never holding elected public office. His loss should have been through the process of primary and caucus voting, not from growing sexual harassment allegations that have yet to be proven.

Encountering Stereotypical Views on the Right

I  blogged about my comments to reactions and erroneous statements made about black conservatives and their views (including my own) by Democrat Party bound, liberal and leftist in the black community. This post is about reactions and a couple of erroneous statements from some whites on the conservative right I have encountered on Facebook and other online venues of shared opinions.

I have already gave my 2 cents on black people always voting black misconception. If you have not read that post, it is in the sidebar next to the blog posts under the link heading, Did You Read This One.  I continue to encounter blacks voting black equation belief on the conservative side. I just do not understand how the Democratic Party is left out of that equation. After all if it is true that black people always vote black candidates, black Republican candidates would get the black vote in great numbers. That does not happen.

All statements about black people on the conservative side are not uninformed, but some! Thanks to Facebook shared links, I come across some blogs and columns that tend to be frequented by mostly white conservatives and maybe a few black and white liberals. I see more stereotypical comments about black people than I should, like comments dealing with fried chicken and watermelon. On one blog, a commenter said that blacks should stop playing  “Grand Theft Auto” and learn some history. You know I had to respond to that ignorant comment. I love the silent treatment I get when I put my 2 cents to that kind of ignorance. Comments continue while no one responds to mine, but there are no more ignorant comments like the aforementioned on the specific blog thread after my response.

 One thing that some conservative my not like that I do is to respond with a defense that is specific to untrue or unfair knocks at someone who is a Democrat, liberal, leftist and or deemed a racist. Responded to a snide knock at Bill Cosby’s negative comments on Donald Trump, when the commenter called  him “Mr. Pudding Pops”. The implication being that was all he was famous and good for. I responded with ‘He is also Mr. Creator of one of the most popular family shows on TV, funder of college scholarships and college program funder/contributor.’

Most Blacks on the Democratic liberal side see the negative stereotypical comments coming from some conservative whites and question why any black person would be on the same political side with that kind of thinking. For me, it has nothing to do with the racial stereotypical thinking that is found on the conservative side  and the liberal side (especially about conservative blacks).  It is about the core conservative values which have nothing to do with race.