Sharing a Personal Memory

I was graduating from then Bowie State College Md in the spring of 1973. Today it is Bowie State University in Bowie. My parents made the two-hour and fifteen minutes drive from Philly with my two younger siblings and my maternal grandmother. Ah, my grandmother who never made it past the 5th grade would not miss any of her grandchildren’s school and college graduations.

I took the photo below at the graduates’ reception. It was an exciting and emotional time. The next day I would be graduating, going back home to Philadelphia, PA and leaving good friends from different areas of Maryland and Washington, D.C.. In the photo you see the then Bowie State College President, Dr. Samuel L. Myers and his wife. Now look at the man standing on the right. He was the commencement speaker at my graduation. He is Martin Luther King Sr. also known as Daddy King.

MLK sr_CollPres_wife

Look Who is Speaking at My Alma Mater!

Well, I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday.

First Lady Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker at my undergraduate alma mater, Bowie State University last week. I guess if you dislike anything Obama, you are probably saying, “so what!” I don’t have to tell you I am not a supporter of Pres. Obama. But, regardless of the politics, having his wife, the First Lady speak at a college graduation is a big deal. If this had been my graduation, my late father, late maternal grandmother and some of my other late relatives would be so excited to hear First Lady, Michelle Obama speak. Remember these are folks who never saw and thought there would ever be a black president and black First Lady. 

In late April, I saw that Angela Davis spoke at Bowie. I admit over the top excitement as a student back then over the idea of hearing her speak. I even desired that Angela Davis bush hairstyle  Not now! If I was as right thinking as I am now, instead of going to hear Ms. Davis, I would be studying for finals and/or take extra prep time for a final course project presentations. The more I grow on the right, the less I can tolerate listening to a far leftist person and in her case, with criminality.

Martin Luther King SrSeeing pictures of Bowie’s campus, makes me feel my age. I do not recognize any of the buildings from online images. The campus is far more attractive than when I was a student. I wonder if any of the buildings that were there when I attended Bowie are still around! I have not been back to the campus since I graduated in 1973. I have only passed by it on the Amtrak Philly to Washington D. C. trains. Below is a picture of me in line beside a graduating male student wearing glasses in procession to the graduation ceremonies. The building in the background with several windows was my dormitory, Tubman Hall. I see Bowie now has student apartments. And by the way, the commencement speaker at my graduation was the late Daddy King, Martin Luther Sr.. My parents and my maternal grandmother were pretty excited about hearing him.

Bowie Graduation1cropped