Look Who is Speaking at My Alma Mater!

Well, I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday.

First Lady Michelle Obama was the commencement speaker at my undergraduate alma mater, Bowie State University last week. I guess if you dislike anything Obama, you are probably saying, “so what!” I don’t have to tell you I am not a supporter of Pres. Obama. But, regardless of the politics, having his wife, the First Lady speak at a college graduation is a big deal. If this had been my graduation, my late father, late maternal grandmother and some of my other late relatives would be so excited to hear First Lady, Michelle Obama speak. Remember these are folks who never saw and thought there would ever be a black president and black First Lady. 

In late April, I saw that Angela Davis spoke at Bowie. I admit over the top excitement as a student back then over the idea of hearing her speak. I even desired that Angela Davis bush hairstyle  Not now! If I was as right thinking as I am now, instead of going to hear Ms. Davis, I would be studying for finals and/or take extra prep time for a final course project presentations. The more I grow on the right, the less I can tolerate listening to a far leftist person and in her case, with criminality.

Martin Luther King SrSeeing pictures of Bowie’s campus, makes me feel my age. I do not recognize any of the buildings from online images. The campus is far more attractive than when I was a student. I wonder if any of the buildings that were there when I attended Bowie are still around! I have not been back to the campus since I graduated in 1973. I have only passed by it on the Amtrak Philly to Washington D. C. trains. Below is a picture of me in line beside a graduating male student wearing glasses in procession to the graduation ceremonies. The building in the background with several windows was my dormitory, Tubman Hall. I see Bowie now has student apartments. And by the way, the commencement speaker at my graduation was the late Daddy King, Martin Luther Sr.. My parents and my maternal grandmother were pretty excited about hearing him.

Bowie Graduation1cropped

Post Election Thoughts on The Republicans and Democrats.

Well, starting with my Sunday Veterans Day post,  it has been about 2 months since my last post. I did not mean to take this long of a hiatus from blogging, but I did. I had a gut feeling that Mitt Romney was not going to win the presidential election, but did get my hopes up a little seeing such large enthusiastic crowds at the Romney rallies. The pundits on the right got it so wrong. For example, Glenn Beck predicted over 300 electoral vote victory for Romney.  How wrong was that? I knew not to get excited over Dick Morris’s landslide prediction for Mr. Romney. His wrong predictions extremely outweigh his correct ones.

People everywhere are saying that the Republican Party is in shambles and needs to change. Radio talker and libertarian minded, but Republican voter Neal Boortz does not like the social issues wing of the Republican Party. He along with so many others blame that wing for pushing the anti-abortion stand. Then there are those who point to the Republican Party being anti-gay and anti-immigration.

Please, Republicans Party do not change your platform on issues that will turn you into a democratic lite political party. It is fine with me that the Republican Party is anti-abortion, pro traditional family and anti-illegal immigration.

The Democrats are really not about personal responsibility. That phony “War on Women” proves it. The real “War on Women” is in the Islamic Middle East and it is showing up in countries of Islamic immigration.  Late last summer at the Democratic Presidential Convention, I found it awful that even the First Lady, Michelle Obama emphasized a woman’s right to free birth control and the right to choose which is really the right to abort/kill unborn babies, all at taxpayers’ expense. It saddens me to see that so many women in this country agree with the First Lady. God help us if the Republicans go that direction.

The Democrat Party is officially pro gay everything. They are behind the gay lifestyle being taught in public schools. I cannot go with that. Single as I am, I am pro traditional marriage and traditional family. The pro-illegal immigration does have some Republican backers. The latest to join that side is conservative radio talker and TV host, Sean Hannity. I do admit I think something should be done only for children brought here by their illegal immigrating parents. That does not include giving them  instate college tuition rates or types of privileges that put them ahead of citizens in this country.

I am seeing too many Republicans giving up. Some of my Facebook friends have gone to posting pictures of cutesy animals in place of hard-hitting pro Republican and conservative news links. Not me! As a former Democrat, I remember when the Democratic Party went through similar tough times. They did not give up. They did not become Republican lite. In fact, they went further left and now we have Barack Obama for a 2nd term. Yes, Republicans need to evaluate what went right and wrong and then positively move on to push conservative ideas for future victories.

Who Really Has it Better?

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama gets insulted constantly by her detractors. The personal attacks on her looks and a certain lower part of her anatomy never cease. I am not in league with the First Lady’s general political beliefs, but that does not give me cause to make personal nasty attacks against her. Whenever I chime in with my opinion on the personal attacks against her on various online venues, I get a lot of, “She’s no Halle Berry.” True, she is not! I mean the differences go beyond physical appearance and perceptions of beauty. Really, so much deep emphasis on superficial appearance coming from supposedly mature adults!

When it comes to husband and family, whose in the better situation? Is it Halle Berry or Michelle Obama? Where has Ms. Berry’s attractiveness got her in that domain? Let’s see. She has two ex husbands. One of them said he had a sex addiction in explanation of his cheating on her and then retracted that statement a few years later. Now if attractiveness like Ms. Berry possess is of key importance, why would her second husband still seek other women for sexual intimacy?

Since her two marriages, Ms. Berry gave birth to daughter with her now ex lover. I am from the (and increasingly disregarded) old school and biblical belief that  a mother gives birth with a husband.  And now, she and the lover are in a battle that is getting quite ugly over the custody of their young daughter. Despite how you estimate the appearance of Michelle Obama, in the husband/family department, she has it better than Halle Berry.