MLK 2012

Yesterday was the true 83rd birthday of civil rights leader Martin Luther King (MLK). Today is the national holiday to honor him. There is controversy on whether he was a communists or a socialist. I do not believe he was hardcore on either. From readings, I surmised that there were a few personal leanings that came across as socialist which were not based on political ideology but right vs wrong.  Listen to the following, especially if you are in the camp that believes MLK was firmly a communist or a socialist.

The following is gathered from posts from my former blog:

My recollection of Dr. Martin Luther King was one of taking a courageous stand against day by day racism and legal segregation. I remember the media reports of him spending time in jail for peaceful protests for rights for people of color that are so easily acquired today. I remember watching on TV former Democrat President Harry Truman calling Dr. King a trouble maker. When reporters reminded him that Dr. King had been given the Nobel Peace Prize, former President Truman’s response was, “I did not give it to him.” My mother and grandmother who were also watching TV with me were appalled at President Truman’s remarks. Harry Truman was not the only Democrat that thought MLK was a trouble maker.

Today, some will be spending a good portion of their day volunteering their services in honor of MLK. But there are folks who object to the volunteerism on the MLK holiday, because they see it as a day of getting free labor out of black people. They do not care if whites want to give free labor on this day. I think that is crazy. I see the volunteerism being done in the spirit of Martin Luther King’s volunteering to fight for those who denied full rights to live in this country.


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