Newt the Victor

If you watched the Republican debate last night, you know that victorious Newt Gingrich won all over the other candidates. Mitt Romney who previously came out of these debate not the absolute victor, but untouched, came across rather weakened. I am comfortable in my feeling that Ron Paul will be the Republican challenger to Pres. Obama in the fall. Rick Perry has improved in these debates. I like Rick Santorum, but I include him and Mr. Perry with Ron Paul in not getting the Republican presidential nomination.  

Newt’s response to Juan Williams’ question of his idea to allow poor children to earn money by cleaning school bathrooms, working in school offices or libraries and Pres. Obama being the Food Stamp President was the highlight of the debate.

When Mr. Gingrich initially came out with his thoughts on allowing poor children to work, I stated in a previous post my concerns about feeding into negative stereotypes. I also add during my child care years as a teacher and a director, I saw plenty of mothers get off welfare to work plus go to school or take on a 2nd job. With that said, I loved his response to Juan Williams. Mr. Gingrich is right on the money about Pres. Obama being the Food Stamp President. I loved all his responses in the debate.


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