Zo and Today’s Brother’s Keeper

Zo just has a way of saying things! I love him, but other do not share my sentiment. I do see the usual Uncle Tom insults in the comment section on the youtube pages of his videos. Well, if you read this blog post, you know people do not realize that they are rendering a compliment when they call someone an Uncle Tom.

This brother’s keeper thing coming from the left is the equalizing of life for everyone through taxation. It’s about being okay with decreasing people’s take home pay by taking another chunk of their money from them to make everyone equal and/or to help folks to not have to deal with consequences from certain behaviors. For example, I am not for taxpayer money providing the funds for those who want birth control, abortifacients, or abortions, but you or I do not have any say about our it. Your money is just taxed out to make them less expensive or free. I am for being less taxed so that people can have more of a say and freely give more of their money to help people in ways that do not go against the Word of God, which is better for Christians when it comes to being your brother’s keeper.

After a few months of being absent on this blog, let us welcome back Zo. He has been gone too long.

Zo is as good as ever. I never had a 2nd thought about what Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson said concerning homosexuality. He supported his comment by paraphrasing  I Corinthians 6:9-10. With those objecting to what he said, did you notice that there was not the slightest bit of indignation over the other sins mentioned in the paraphrased verses? Well in any case, I am glad Mr. Robertson came out on top in the end.

As far as his comments about the black people he knew as being happy during civil rights times, I would question Mr. Robertson a little on that, but I do not take his comments as racist like some folks do. I noticed the media reports left out that he also said that the blacks he worked with in the cotton fields were godly.

Dr. Melissa Harris Perry on her weekend MSNBC program made fun along with her panel guests of Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Later, she profusely apologized. Zo does not think the apology is authentic, but I will cut her a little slack.  Besides, Mitt Romney accepted her apology.

Zo and My Thoughts on Third Parties

As usual, Zo takes the ball on the issues and runs away with it. He packs so much into his video commentaries.

I  agree with Zo on this no 3rd party thing. As for Jeb Bush, well that is another post. It is rather depressing for conservative voters these days. We continue to end up with less than conservative Republican candidates (due in part to open primaries) and very disappointing conservative elected officials. Conservatives  seem to continue to get slapped in the face by elected conservatives taking on Democratic positions on some issues and then vote like Democrats on bills in Congress. Paul Ryan is the latest hurting disappointment with his support for gays adopting children and his support to make citizens out of those who are living in this country illegally.

There are many angry conservatives along with Sarah Palin and Mark Levin who desire another political party that truly represents their constitutional based conservatism. I feel their anger as I pull back from the idea of another political party. Does anyone who is for another political party for conservatives think about how long it would take to establish a new political party in each state, especially in closed primary states?

While the new party for conservatives is being establish and doing deep damage to the Republicans, the split in the opposition to the Democrats is a delight beyond any liberal’s and leftist’s dream. Democrats will be the solo major political party. Does anyone begin to realize the unfettered power the Democrats will have in that position? Think of the damage done so far to this country under the Obama administration! And, then, think of the future damage to this country from the Obama administration and Democratic controlled houses of Congress with unfettered power. At this point, conservatives still need to continue the fight within and take over the Republican Party.