Christmas Thoughts in 2011

Let me start with telling you that some of this post incorporates some parts of my “Random Thoughts on Christmas” post of last year.

The Christmas wars resumed this year, but I did not hear hardly anything from the Winter Solstice crowd. Last year, the solstice crowd had a strong presence on TV’s morning news programs making their case for Winter Solstice being the true celebration in December, not Christmas or Hanukkah. The Manger displays anger atheists every year, but this year, they are going off the deep end over them. And that holiday tree thing, well that is ridiculous! How is the term Christmas tree offensive to non Christians when they do not have a tree in any holiday celebration in the same month as Christmas?

I am a ‘Merry Christmas’ person and avoid saying ‘Happy Holidays’ at all cost. I do say Happy Hanukkah, because it is a celebration of God’s people (Israel) getting  freedom from the oppressive Syrian-Greeks before the birth of Christ. I do not recognize Kwanzaa, because it is a celebration against the Lord Jesus Christ. Some people see it as just a historical cultural celebration of a set of principles. When Kwanzaa celebrations first came on the scene in this country, some taught that those principles were originally gods. The originator of the American Kwanzaa celebration, Ron Karenga despises the God of the bible. Please do not make the mistake of stereotyping black people in general  as Kwanzaa celebrators.

Christmas to me is not  Santa Claus, all though there is a Christian connection through the German moniker,Kriss Kringle which derives from Christ Child. The Santa Claus image that was given to me for a short time as a child had nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. What I was given was a myth and a lie. My mother ended the Santa Claus thing with me early, because she did not like me believing that an imaginary character was responsible for the gifts under the Christmas tree. She made it clear that the gift came from my father and her, because they loved me. And let me add that my two younger siblings never got the Santa Claus myth and they were still excited as any child about what they would see under the Christmas tree on Christmas day while knowing the truth about who gave them their gifts.

In my household today, everyone believes Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Some say Christmas is pagan, but that is not so. Go here to read more. It is all about the birth of the Savior, who is God’s gift of eternal life to us.

Note: This Christmas will be different for my family, because my 85 years old mother is in a hospital’s ICU. Please keep her in your prayers in Jesus Christ’s name.  Thank  you.

Ranting on The Continuing War Against Christmas

We are now into the Christmas holiday season; thus, the Christmas holiday wars continue. As far as it concerns me, personally celebrate the season as you wish, but do not even begin to attempt to eliminate my Christmas celebration. And when I talk about Christmas, I am talking about the Christ centered Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season and no, that is no myth.

I know there are many who want to bring Kwanzaa and especially Winter solstice celebrations to equal importance and respect during this holiday season. I read and hear much castigating of Christmas from the Solstice folks. They are jockeying for the front line position to do away with Christmas.  Their tactics enrage and inspire people like me to celebrate Christmas to the nth degree.

A Winter solstice supporter was on TV this morning. He is a warrior against Christmas. See for yourself here. I am definitely in opposition to him. I guess this Winter solstice thing been around for a while, but I did not hear about it until Bill O’Reilly brought it up a few years ago. Really, the Lord controls the Winter solstice anyway. And Christians did not hijack the season for Christmas. Winter Solstice is not universally celebrated like Christmas, because it does not have the believers that Christmas has.