Career Day in 2014

Gary Varvel_Career DayGary Varvel Cartoon

This is sad, but it is a reality of today’s economy. There are young college graduates finding themselves working in fast food and/or taking more than 1 part-time job. They thought they would be employed by an organization, big company or etc. making a nice salary with good benefits. Do you support and did you vote for Barack Obama for President?  We are now into the 6th year of his presidency. It is not intelligent to continue to blame George W. Bush for the state of the economy 6 years after his presidency. This economy that delivers low skilled full-time and non benefit part-time jobs over skilled full-time jobs with benefits is the Obama economy.

And These are Young Voters

This is an example of ignorance among the educated. We have college students who cannot name a U. S. Senator. That means they do not know the two senators who represents them in the U. S. Senate. Now how sad is that? What where they taught the 3 branches of government in school? Were they paying any attention? Are these students voting? If they are, not being able to name a senator puts them in the low information bracket of voters.

Pres. Obama’s Dream of Illegal Immigrants

Glenn McCoy_O dreamIllegalsGlenn McCoy Cartoon

Yes, Pres. Obama must be dreaming about legalizing those who are in this country due to unlawfully crossing this country’s borders as future voting citizens. Of course they will be registering and voting Democratic. It is such a sweet dream to the Pres., because that will be the last nail (along with conservatives angry with the Republican Party holding back their votes) in the coffin of the Republican Party. The Democrats will run the country unfettered.

Legalizing the illegals is not just a Democrat thing. There were and are Republicans that are for making illegals citizens of this country. I remember Republican Senator, John McCain coming together with the late Democratic Senator, Edward Kennedy on a bill that never made it to law to legalize the illegal immigrants. I remember George W. Bush was all for it as President and I also remember former Republican Senator, Trent Lott saying to the effect (paraphrasing) that people of this country need to see legalizing these immigrants as a good thing.

There are employers of  who are Democrats and Republicans who are already employing illegal immigrants. After all, they are cheap labor. And they want to keep it that way. With the job situation not getting any better in this country, do we need legalized illegals competing along side everybody else looking for a job?

I am for doing something for the children brought here by their illegal border crossing parents. I am all for giving them a path to citizenship, but that path starts  at the end of the line. They can go to college here, but not at the in state tuition rate until they become full citizens. The illegal crossing parents get no path until they answer for their law breaking and then they can get in back of the line behind their children.

Getting Into It With Someone Online

Arguing Online

Firstly, I am single so the, ‘are you coming to bed?’ does not apply to me. I admit I have to pull myself away from the computer at night to go to bed when I get into it with someone online, mostly on Facebook. I did miss doing this for a while when just about all of my online communications were on computers at the local library in the fall up to about Christmas. Now that I am back to having reliable Internet in my home, I am back arguing/debating people into the early mornings and other parts of the day.

Folks on the Democratic side like to challenge my comments on the Facebook page of my strong Obama supporting friend. I went from around 12 midnight Saturday to almost 4 A. M. with someone who remained respectful through out our debate over the Affordable Care Act. Other times I am going back and forth with people on that page in the early morning hours who felt they were saying something intelligent by cursing me out. I also go at it with fellow conservatives over holding back their vote. A few of those Facebook friends continue to defriend me, but I replace them with new friends.

Already today, I am seeing a Facebook meme from a very respected right-wing blogger promoting the idea of conservatives and Republicans not voting in 2014 if Republicans pass amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am definitely against amnesty for illegals and will be very upset with the Republicans that make it happen, but I will never take any action against any of these Republicans that in the end helps Democrats increase in power. The right-wing blogger did not like my response. I will see if he defriends me.

This former Democrat just cannot understand wanting to punish Republicans to the point of helping Democrats increase in power. Look at some of this administrations’ lasting accomplishments such as the Affordable Care Act, which is hurting far more families than it is helping and how this Democratic administrations’ IRS is successfully harassing conservative groups and individuals. Just the thought of another Democratic President and a Democratic House and Senate majority being able to provide unfettered bad policies and laws of the land is beyond scary.