The I-Word

The Diversity Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) wants all reporters across this country to cease with the descriptor, illegal immigrant in news coverage. There are other efforts such as the educational campaign of immigrants and contrasted communities to drop what they call the I-word. Well if adults willingly violated this country’s immigration laws to enter or remain in the United States, the illegal descriptor should continue to stand. The descriptor, undocumented does not fly with me. I will not be dropping the I-Word. Illegal is not undocumented, it is illegal.

I do have sympathy for the children/minors brought into this country illegally. They are here through no fault of their own. Their parents are to blame for their unfortunate illegal status. Children/minors are the only illegal grouping that should get some consideration for obtaining legal status. I am not for the minors who are now of college age getting in-state tuition. That should come sometime after they are truly legal in this country.

This video is a few years old, but what you hear is still prevalent among the pro illegal crowd from south of the border.