Transgender Restrooms!!!!

Elections do have their consequences. We can thank those Republicans and conservatives who held back their vote or voted for some third-party candidate who could never ever possibly won a presidential victory in 2008 and 2012 for the current federal liberal progressives having their way with the public. I will never understand the notion of being so angry with your political party to the point of not caring if your angry actions help to give victory to the opposing political party who continues to make changes that are screwing up the country.

gender_neutral_signHow do you feel about transgender restrooms? I know I am very uncomfortable with them. The Obama administration feds are Forcing public schools to adopt ‘nondiscrimination’ for transgender teachers and students, which includes making school restrooms transgender. Before the word, transgender ever became apart of anyone’s vocabulary, I took a class on one of Temple University’s campuses. The 2 story building of my class had one restroom with several stalls for everyone. I went to use it and I walked in on a male coming out of a stall. I walked back out and found another classroom building with male and female restrooms.

When I worked in the childcare classroom, sometimes while the custodian cleaned one of the boys’ or girl’s restroom, we would designate stalls for the little preschool girls and boys to use in the other restroom. Once one parent saw this going on, the childcare center then received a barrage of complaints. Taking preschoolers to the restroom that way stopped. How do you feel about a boy whose parents let him live as a girl going into a restroom with your daughter? How do you feel as an adult going to use a restroom with a big clunky male living as female or a female appearing as a male?

From the Annals of Crazy Destructive Parenting

Just watch the video

I can’t imagine how anyone could consider raising a child gender-free. Really it is not possible. We are all born with a gender. Parents in Toronto, Canada want to let their child decide and choose what gender it wants to be at an older age. Transgender! And what about the mother in the video who is allowing her young son to explore being a girl and wear dresses? She wrote a book called My Princess Boy! Everyone involved in the discussion are so professional while attempting to rationalize gender exploration, gender-free upbringing and/or letting a child go with the gender of choice later in life. All I can say is that this is utterly horrendous!

This Issue Should Especially Test Liberal Progressives Who are Parents

To all the liberal progressives out there, how progressive are you about sex integrated bathrooms at schools? I pose this question especially to those who have children in elementary through high school.  No matter how progressive you are, I would venture to say that you are conservative on this issue and would not want your middle school age daughter in a school bathroom with a male student (and visa versa).

Maine’s Human Relations Commission has ruled in favor of the transgendered middle school student who was born male and wants to use the school’s girl’s bathrooms instead of the isolated bathrooms that the school designated for him. The parents of this student have filed a lawsuit. Same sex bathrooms are discriminatory! It looks like the public schools in Maine may be closer to male and female students using the same bathrooms. Read more about it here and here.

I end with a bit of a digression. Back when I was in my 30s in the 1980s taking an evening class at Temple University’s Ambler campus, I had to deal with a unisex bathroom. The building where my class was located had one bathroom with several stalls, thus it was used by both men and women. I hated using it. The first time after I went in there, a guy was coming out of one of the stalls. I turned around and walked out. I went back in after he left. Needless to say, I had some embarrassing moments that semester.