Here We Go With Zo Breaking It Down Again

Here is another goody from Zo. He starts off with Rev. William Barber who comes across to me as resentful and intolerable of blacks who left or were never a part of the Democratic plantation. Oh this thing of blacks must be Democrats continues to be so pervasive! His branding of black Republican Senator, Tim Scott as a ventriloquist’s dummy and also saying that TEA Parties used minorities as mouthpieces are ridiculous and gives an insightful peek into this man’s nature.

Zo goes on to talk about other issues. I agree with him about the so-called tolerant liberals wanting to control just about everything. And MSNBC! That cable news network’s president, Phil Griffin had the nerve to say the network has no ideology when they do. MSNBC is off the charts with opining and analyzing through its racism worldview with leftist solutions. And how about the apologies the network has had to put forth with the latest over an intolerable tweet about Cheerios’ new commercial with the interracial family!

There was a time when I could sit through most of an MSNBC program, but these days, whoever I watch on that network, I barely make it to 5 minutes before I change the channel. Most of the program hosts are so arrogant to the point that one would think they were at the top with viewer ratings. Of course, Fox News dominates cable news with viewer ratings. Well, when you come down to it, MSNBC is the Obama network. That it for now, but make sure you hear Zo at the end on being a Republican against as I see it, the Democrat continued assault through its super racism weapon.

The TEA Party Still Going

After the victories in 2010, the Obama administration successfully kept TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party folks from impacting the major election of last November. They did their dirt through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). TEA Party organizations across the country went through such a wringer that they could not do much during 2012 election year. Since certain information has come to light about the IRS on their holding TEA Party organizations hostage, TEA Party folks are gearing up for new battles.

One ongoing battle is the fight against the TEA Party being racist and connected to the Ku Klux Klan. If you went through all the TEA party organizations with a fine tooth comb, I gather you find some racists among them. Now if you use the fine tooth comb in all political organizations, I am sure you will fine not just white racists, but racists of all stripes. The liberal/lefty notion that the TEA Party is a bunch of white racists is wrong. Listen to what Emery McClendon has to say.

Conservatives Fleeing Republicans: Another Rant and a Positive Charge

Republican_ElephantI am sick of these folks on the conservative side throwing in the towel on the Republican Party. I admit that I do not like the Democrat direction the party is going, but I feel the conservative portion of the Republican Party should stay in and fight to take it back from the Carl Roves, Jeb Bushes and all the rest of that non conservative Republican crowd. Republican conservatives are losing in part due to not being able to pass the social positions to the young folks. Many are okay with conservative fiscal positions, but not on such social conservative positions against abortion and gay marriage. That has to be dealt with at the spiritual level. So pray.

Conservatives are angry with elected officials at various levels. Right now much anger is in the direction of  the congressional representatives and senators in Congress. We can’t vote out such senators as the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) labeled John McCain and Lindsey Graham unless we are registered voters in their respective states. We can only pray, hope and maybe send some money for a primary challenger that can win against the Democrat opponent in general election. The primary challengers should be another Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle or Todd Akin. But after saying that, they can come from the TEA Party like Sen. Ted Cruz. Oh, we need Ted Cruz replete throughout this country.

Here I go again. Please, No 3rd party! Too many conservatives want to go that route. Of course while establishing another party, you know that the Democrats will go unfettered as you try to get the 3rd party on the ballot in each state, especially the closed primary states. Just think the Democrats will have the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches of government all to themselves and doing unrepairable damage to this country. I am still for holding on and fighting from within. We can do it. Well at least Glenn Beck believes so. I leave you with his positive charge to fleeing Republicans.



Zo Time


We are well into May and we have not heard from Zo since early April. Enjoy his rapid fire rant on the IRS, taxation, right wingers, Republicans, conservatives Democrats, liberals, slavery, taking our country back, Pro Israel, the TEA Party and more.

Racist Remarks According to…

Conservative, Bob Parks of Black and Right produced this video on deemed racist remarks according to who is doing the talking. Now I know racism can be found among Republicans and Democrats. The problem is that remarks get the racist label coming from someone in the TEA Party, Conservative Republican camp, but no so for those remarks coming from someone in the liberal, leftist Democrat camp.