It’s Really Theft


During my many years as a Democrat, I was on the proud side. As a child care teacher, I was able to pay unsubsidized rent for a decent apartment right outside the city of Philadelphia. I had the blessing to work for a well-known church organization that offered above average pay and benefits. When I received unsolicited mailed information on qualifying for government subsidized rent assistance, I ignored it. Even though the rent subsidy would be a great help, I was too proud to go for it. But, I still thought people of lesser economical means had a right to at least a little instant government i.e. taxpayer help if they so desired.

Through my Christian, but politically liberal upbringing, I really thought those who financially made the most should not mind the government taking more of their money to aid those less fortunate. Yes, I believed in the redistribution of wealth as a means to help raise up those less fortunate and that was wrong. It’s  okay for anyone wealthy or otherwise voluntarily give their money to help others, but for the government to take more and more money from the wealthy  for the sake of fairness is thievery.

A Couple of Brief Labor Day Related Thoughts

As the Labor Day Holiday weekend comes to an end, here are a couple of brief jobs related thoughts. If the economy would rebound with jobs a plenty, regardless how anyone feels about the President, there would be an enormous amount of happy thankful folks across the country. With the unemployed or underemployed back in full employment, I dare say that some who did care would no longer care about the charges that Pres. Obama is a closet Muslim and/or that he is a socialist.

Currently, the government sector is where one would find employment action, while the private sector employment continues to dry up. Unions comprising more of government workers than workers in the private sector. Are we traveling further down that road where the destination is pure unadulterated socialism?

Taxpayers fund government employees’ salaries and benefits. The unions are pushing for tax increases especially on the rich to keep the salaries and benefits at the desired high levels. Liberal leftist unions do not seem to care that taxing the rich will slow down investments into private business development that spur jobs.