Zo and Today’s Brother’s Keeper

Zo just has a way of saying things! I love him, but other do not share my sentiment. I do see the usual Uncle Tom insults in the comment section on the youtube pages of his videos. Well, if you read this blog post, you know people do not realize that they are rendering a compliment when they call someone an Uncle Tom.

This brother’s keeper thing coming from the left is the equalizing of life for everyone through taxation. It’s about being okay with decreasing people’s take home pay by taking another chunk of their money from them to make everyone equal and/or to help folks to not have to deal with consequences from certain behaviors. For example, I am not for taxpayer money providing the funds for those who want birth control, abortifacients, or abortions, but you or I do not have any say about our it. Your money is just taxed out to make them less expensive or free. I am for being less taxed so that people can have more of a say and freely give more of their money to help people in ways that do not go against the Word of God, which is better for Christians when it comes to being your brother’s keeper.

Zo Time


We are well into May and we have not heard from Zo since early April. Enjoy his rapid fire rant on the IRS, taxation, right wingers, Republicans, conservatives Democrats, liberals, slavery, taking our country back, Pro Israel, the TEA Party and more.

He Said He Could Pay a Little More, But Paid Less

Chip Bok_ObamaTaxesChip Bok Cartoon

I know this is a little late, but it is still good. Last October, a woman told me she was voting for Barack Obama because he had integrity when it came to taxation. She felt that Mitt Romney with all his wealth paid less taxes than she did, and she is not financially wealthy. She liked Pres. Obama saying that wealthy folks, such as himself could afford to pay little more. I wonder what this woman is thinking now! Hey, Pres. Obama paid less and not even a little less in taxes.

Pro Republican Conservative Reasons

Elephant_Proud ConservRepub

The following is from the Facebook page of AfroCity Brown. I like this and regardless of the Democratic victories on Nov 6, I am very proud to be a Republican Conservative.


1. Taxation should only occur when necessary to provide for the common defense, civilian police agencies, firefighting organizations, roadways, railways and other essential aspects of our nation’s infrastructure. If we are to have income taxes, everyone but the destitute should pay a proportional amount of those taxes (the same percentage of taxes regardless of their income), and those who pay no income taxes should be thankful to those who do.

2. Our nation was founded upon the principle of God-given rights, regardless of the conflicting opinion of a small minority of American citizens who do not believe in the concept of a higher power. After all, not every American believes in the viability of the capitalist system either, but our system is still based upon capitalism no matter what some people choose to believe.3. The preservation of innocent human lives is of paramount importance to all moral people, and those who wish to gratuitously destroy a fetus in the womb have an obligation to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that an unborn child is not a human life, worthy of the same legal protections that all other individuals enjoy, before committing abortion.

4. Free market principles should be applied to public education, health care and a host of other systems, which have of late been thrust into the socialistic downward spiral of governmental intervention and over-regulation.

5. We, the people, have an expectation of public accountability and private responsibility. With every individual right claimed, there is an equally important responsibility attached to it, and for every ounce of power claimed by some people over everyone else, there should be a pound of accountability awaiting those claimants at the end of the day.

6. People who wish to immigrate to our country need to do so legally. They should be willing to learn our language, respect our culture and obey our laws once they’re here. Those who refuse to do so should be deported immediately.

7. Our federal government should have autonomy in determining what is in the best interest of our country internationally, as opposed to relying on organizations such as the United Nations to make our decisions for us.

8. You can’t bargain with bullies, tyrants or terrorists, and to even try is not only naive but potentially suicidal. Sometimes violence is the only means by which one can defend one’s liberties. Those who refuse to resort to violent acts under any circumstances are destined for slavery.

9. Affirmative action is racism, no different than those forms of racism practiced by the Nazis of W.W.II Germany or former President Charles Taylor’s regime in modern-day Liberia.

10. People are not basically good, nor are they basically bad. They’re both, that’s why a moral code is necessary to the sustainability of a free society.

11. All human beings crave liberty and felicity, and to deny even one person who chooses to live a virtuous life the opportunity to pursue happiness and experience individual freedom, is a crime against humanity.

12. Governmental control over our lives should be limited to those few trammels which are absolutely necessary to the survival of an otherwise free nation. In the words of Thomas Paine, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”