Greece I saw a meme posted by a friend who is a liberal Democrat and who is further down that leftist road some months ago. It described how Greece was going to fix its financial situation with a leftist economical approach. Now that Greece is in default, it obvious that those leftist measures did not work. This person has not posted anything on Greece since then. Really, what happen to Greece is a tribute to the consequences of decades of government giving nationwide free provisions without the finances to pay for them. It is failed socialism. Look what Greece is doing to its citizens now!

Greek MythologySteve Breen Cartoon

Children Bearing the Debt Ceiling Increase

Steve Breen Cartoon

Raising the debt ceiling is heavy on the heads of today’s children, when the country already owes so much. Just think when they are grown and working, how much more the government will take from their paycheck that is not taken from your’s today to deal with the national debt that will increase beyond measure!