Let’s Hear It from Zo Again and More

Zo (AlfonZo) Rachel tells it like it is. If you are a Democrat, and/or on the liberal leftist side of things, or you are a black person who is personally socially conservative, but just does not get it when it comes to black conservative Republicans such as Herman Cain and sees the Republican Party as the enemy, watch these Macho Sauce and Pajamas Media videos to get a clue. Listen to Zo on some of the GOP presidential candidates and Anderson Cooper. And again to those who believe blacks will vote for a black just because the candidate is black, the vilification of Herman Cain by noted blacks is proof in part that you believe wrong.

I remember when I started getting a clue about what a conservative Republican believed through a black conservative blogger and then through columns and blogs of such folks as Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. Conservatives such as the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, the late Tony Snow, Star Parker, and Dr. Walter Williams going back and forth with liberal challengers on TV news programming and talk radio pretty much brought me over to the conservative side.

Briefly: No to Socialism in Christianity

Socialism is often being linked to Christianity. I continue to hear folks come down on Christians who do not believe in the government forced sharing of their income with the rest of the country i.e. income redistribution. The Lord commands us to give of our money and time through our free will to help others and not our government taking more and more money from paychecks. There was a lengthy time, when I felt as a Christian that it was fine and dandy for government to redistribute from other people’s income. But now, I finally understand. It is wrong to deem socialism as Christian. If you did not read these first 2 links on my twitter feed or on my Facebook page. Read part 1, part 2 and now part 3 of Michael Youssef’s Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism.

And listen to Star Parker on this subject