Pray for Those Who Serve

Memorial Day is the observance of those who died defending our country, but during this holiday Weekend, think about and pray for our men and women who serve in the armed forces and are deployed or returning home for a bit and will be returning soon to complete their deployment or facing another deployment. Pray for their wives, husbands and children.

Pray for those in military service, because those who we see on TV surprising their children on leave could be the last time for them with their families. They could lose their lives  after they return to their deployments. That happen to a young man last year in the Philadelphia area. Local TV news reported the soldier on leave returning to Philly.  I watched him on TV meet his mother at the airport. About a month and a half later after he returned to Afghanistan, he was killed in action. Let us pray for the Lord’s protection over those serving in combat to return home physically and mentally unharmed.

The outer images below are of soldiers returning to their families. In one image, a father is seeing his baby daughter for the first time. The middle image is one of a deploying soldier.


Look Who Get’s Priority in Voting!

I am for restoring voting rights to most convicted felons after they have served their time and are positively contributing to society in some way. I think of Charles Colson convicted of crimes connected to Watergate back in the 70s and who now presides over a successful prison ministry and is a syndicated columnist as an example. I am against voting rights for all felons while serving prison sentences. The fact that those serving time in Cook County, Illinois prisons received hand delivered voting ballots, while it looks like some of our men and women serving in the armed forces overseas may not receive voting ballots in time for the November 2nd election is unconscionable.