No Longer A Democrat but Watched the Democrat Convention

I watched the Democratic convention. It is the 2nd time watching as a Conservative Republican. I see that my growth in conservatism has really shot way up through listening to the convention speeches. What I heard from the speeches angered me. To think, I use to be a Democrat!  Socialism is growing in that political  party.

When I was a Democrat,  the  party beliefs that I did not go along with, I ignored. I see that going on within my Democratic family, relative and friend circle. They don’t support Democratic social wedge issues such as gay marriage, using their tax money for free birth control, and abortion, but they strongly see the Democrats as being  inclusive of their race and having the back of the everyday working person. For those two reasons, they ignore the social stuff and are even trying to ignore the taking out of God and recognition of the capital Israeli city, Jerusalem,  the loud verbal “nos” voiced 3 times against putting them back into the platform and the booing when God and recognizing Israel were re-instated. But they really can’t quite do that.

One of my family members fell in love again with Bill Clinton and feels his speech should be played over and over. Hearing Clinton, made being a Democrat okay again for her. Now she is closing me off when I bring up that what he said is not coming up well under fact checks. For an example, go here to see what the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said about one of Clinton’s fiscal assertions and for another fact check go here. She is upset that the critical assessment of Pres. Obama’s speech is not that good.

I do not know how those in my circle can ignore all the numerous speeches (even the one from the First Lady) including support for “a woman’s right to choose” which is code for the right to choose to kill the unborn baby. They also bandied about women’s reproductive rights which is also code for abortion. My 86-year-old mother was not picking up on those code words. I had to explain them and even tell her that when she heard, “to be free to love whom ever you want/choose,” that was code for homosexual love.  Her reaction was, “What, oh my!”

Well, I am looking forward to the debates, because quite honestly, I think the Democrats got more voting juice out of their convention than the Republicans, who were excellent. Of course,  I hope my assertion is incorrect. The Democrats did just what I said in a previous post. They played on the emotional and the racial heartstrings and even the sexual. Really, that Sandra Fluke wanting taxpayers to supply woman such as herself (single) with free birth control! Many of the every day working people are seeing the Democrats/Government as their saviors and don’t care about the national debt and the economy in general when it comes to government spending and taxing to keep them from going under. Well, that’s another whole blog post.

If I was still a Democrat, the speeches I heard at this Democrat convention would be propelling me to the Republicans. Because of my continual growth as a political junkie, regardless of who will be president and my increasing disdain for the Democratic Party, God willing, I will be watching both the Republican and Democratic 2016 political conventions and maybe become a delegate at a Republican convention before I get to be too old.