My Talk Radio Programs

Microphone_talk radioMy talk radio listening keeps evolving. There was a time when I could listen to one entire talker program on the liberal side. This was a local based talk show on Philly’s one and only urban talk radio station. The radio talk host is a liberal/lefty but he was a consummate professional. He had a chat room going while he program was on the air. He was always polite and respectful while disagreeing with my growing right-wing comments. He gave up his radio talk show to accept a reporter gig on TV program, Chasing New Jersey.

The station has one syndicated liberal/left talker, Al Sharpton. I now have a hard time listening to him for more than five minutes. I use to be able to put up with him for about 45 minutes. In my birth and growth as a conservative, I am about seven and half years along and now wondering as a thinking adult, how did I stay in the liberal/lefty camp for over thirty years of my life.

There are so many local and syndicated right-wing radio talkers these days. I find myself listening to some for a while and then turn to their competition for a while. I listen to the syndicated talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. I listen to local Philly talk folks such as Dom Giordano and Fox News exile, Dick Morris. I listen online to local talker, James T. Harris, because his program is on in Tuscon, Arizona. I listen online to other radio talkers, such as Herman Cain, Brian Kilmeade and delayed Mark Levin programs.

New to my regular online listening is Christian talk programming, such as Janet Parshall’s In the Market Place and Steve Deace. I really like Steve Deace. He use to be on a local Philly talk  station at his 9 P. M. broadcast time. I do not like that the station bumped him to 3 A. M., so I listen to him online. Mr. Deace discusses the political, social and cultural through a biblical world view.

I am participating in Steve Deace’s weekly (Republican) Candidate Survivor Island in where you vote for the possible Republican presidential candidates that you do not want to see as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and eventually the next President. So far participants voted Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Peter King, Jeb Bush and Haley Barbour off the Island. This evening I cast my vote for Donald Trump to be the next to go. If you want to participate, go here. You will have to give your name, email address and answer a few more questions, before you get to the page with the candidates’ names. You will have until next Monday in the afternoon to cast your vote and you will hear Mr. Deace announce who got the boot on his program later that evening or read it on his Facebook page or on Twitter.

I enjoy listening to the various individuals on the right. I do not  agree with them one hundred percent, but I find myself not agreeing with anything I hear coming from liberal lefties. This is a strong indication that I am really maturing in my right-wing thinking. 

So What He Earns Belongs to You!

Walter Williams_no to my money

Libertarian, Dr. Walter E. Williams, is  a John M. Olin Distinguished  Professor of Economics at George Mason University. He is also a syndicated columnist, author and commentator. Perhaps, you have heard him on the radio during the times he substituted for Rush Limbaugh. 

It is so sad that more and more people really think they have a right to this high income earner’s money. It is a major reason many voted to re-elect Barack Obama. After all, the Pres. strongly feels, taxing high incomes is the answer to dealing with the deficit and maintaining entitlements. Really, none of Dr. Williams’ income belongs to any of us. But then,  congressional Democrats and Republicans just voted to take even more from him and others in his income category.

Change of Mind: Evolving or Flip-Flopping?

I heard Rush Limbaugh say this the other day and it is true. Pres. Obama stated in the pass that he was not for gay marriage and says his thinking has evolved and he is now supports it. Mitt Romney was okay with abortion and now he is against it, but I have already heard and read pundits  calling him an abortion flip-flopper. Well anyway, many think Pres. Obama was pro gay marriage all along ( such as one of his supporters in my family), but communicated the opposite, because it was not politically expedient. And yes, I know that the politically expedient argument can be applied to Mitt Romney changing his mind on abortion.

I am a little reluctant to call people flip-floppers when they truly have a change of mind/heart, because of a few of my own changes in thoughts/beliefs, especially when I went from Democrat liberal to Republican conservative.

The Limbaugh/Fluke Controversy and the Selective Outrage

People on the liberal left side are jubilant over Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy. He called the single Ms. Fluke a slut and a prostitute for speaking in favor of health care insurers providing free contraceptives before an unofficial congressional committee. I am hearing and reading  that he is toast! There are people out there partying over the groundswell that Mr. Limbaugh is experiencing in the loss of at least 26 sponsors and 2 dropped stations as of this posting.  He is talking replacement of departing sponsors.

I am not into personal attacks and name calling; therefore, I feel Mr. Limbaugh was “over the top”  wrong with the misogynist name calling, but he did apologize. If anything should happen to him, it should be a suspension like the one liberal, leftist Ed Schultz took for calling conservative talker, Laura Ingraham a slut on his radio program (he also apologized for going too far on Ms. Ingraham).

This selective outrage over Rush Limbaugh is all political and it is working in the affirmative for the Democratic liberal lefties. Mr. Limbaugh fell into their trap and they are positively spinning this controversy and gaining support which will lead to votes for a 2nd term for the Obama administration. I say selective, because where was this groundswell of outrage over Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann for calling Michelle Malkin a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick and Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a cu#t and Michele Bachmann a tw%t among other names. Have you ever heard any apologies from Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Maher on their misogynist name calling? Read about leftist misogynist name callers from someone on their side here.

I conclude with one final thing on Sandra Fluke. She said on the TV program, The View that the contraceptive coverage that she desires does not take taxpayer money. This is true, but Ms Fluke a law student is looking for health care insurers  to provide free contraceptive coverage for college students.  Well, that means higher cost for insurers which then gets passed on higher coverage costs and cuts for you.

Republican Presidential Candidates Pool in New Hampshire

I watched the Republican presidential debate from New Hampshire last night. All the candidates did well. Some better than others. The media pundits are naming Mitt Romney the winner, while everyday Republican folks are calling Michelle Bachmann the winner. The Ron Paul supporters flooded some websites that polled for the winner; therefore, you know who ended up the winner on those sites. I remember during the 2008 pre primary Republican presidential debates, they flooded many polls, but Ron Paul never got pass 15 percent in the Republican presidential primaries and caucuses.

Currently, I am a Tim Pawlenty fan ( that is not written in stone), but I do not think he fared as well as he did in the South Carolina debate, neither did Herman Cain. I do not think Romney had the luster attributed to him. I did like Michele Bachmann and as did many others. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul were not so bad either, but I definitely think that neither of these two men have much of a chance in getting the nomination. Newt Gingrich did okay for himself, but it will take more than a good showing in a debate to revive his campaign. He needs a miracle and that is a shame. I continue to have tiny soft spot in my heart for him even though he angered me with his past personal behavior, because he is such a man of ideas.

I heard totally opposing reactions from a few radio’s conservative talking heads. Rush Limbaugh liked what he heard in general from the debaters. He thought they were all good. Michael Savage did not really like any of them. Mr. Limbaugh liked their civility toward each other while attacking the policies of the Pres. Michael Savage and Mark Levin did not like it in the least. The civility kept the Republican presidential contenders from differentiating themselves from the pack.

I am also hearing conservatives not liking any of the Republican presidential contenders thus far and will not vote for any of them as the Republican presidential nominee. These people are willing to go with Pres. Obama being a 2 term President, because they will only vote for who makes their cut as a pure/perfect conservative. I do not like that at all. Please! If they are human, the purity is not  is not 100 percent and they are by no means perfect. These people are dangerous and receive much love from Obama supporters. Not voting or voting for some third-party candidate is a vote for the next Obama presidency.