It’s Mitt

Mitt Romney won the Texas Primary giving him the necessary delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Ron Paul who is a Texas Congressional Representative received a real good put down. What I find interesting is when it was certain about the Romney victory, there were hardly if any post of the victory headline from my 3700 conservative and libertarian Facebook friends (the other 1000 are liberal/leftist Democrats, which includes a few trolls trying to pass as conservatives). I know the Romney victory is not good news for many conservatives.

Yes, Mitt Romney is conservative light, but I disagree with those who feel he is another Barack Obama. I just do not think a Romney administration would resemble what has gone down on the economy under Pres. Obama.  Really, do you think he would have economic advisers and supporters trying to tell us that continued spending of money which is really not there is the best way to get out of the current economic mess while the national debt continues to soar?

Pres. Obama just gave the National Medal of Freedom to the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialist of America. Well, what does that indicate to you? The indication to me is that the Pres. will be pushing more socialism if he gets a 2nd term. I do not see Mitt Romney doing that.

Okay all of you on the conservative side that do not like Mitt Romney, work at getting past your issues with him. Please do not sit at home or vote for some 3rd party candidate that will not even get 15 million votes this Nov 6th and allow Barack Obama to do his non capitalist thing for another 4 years.


Well, I voted in the closed PA primary. Firstly, I must tell you that I was lax and let my PA ID expire. PA just passed the Voter ID law. I felt so convicted that I spent the afternoon getting an up-to-date ID. Although the law will not be in effect until I vote in November, the poll workers were asking for ID as a practice run. I felt good about being able to show ID when I voted in the evening.

I have already ranted about not having the choice of candidates like the voters have in Iowa and New Hampshire. If the PA primary was held in January or February, I could have voted my heart. In April and after there is really no choice. Voting your heart at this late date for a candidate that clearly has no chance of securing the delegates to get the nomination is futile.

I voted pragmatically for Mitt Romney. I see people voted for Rick Santorum, my true choice, but he is officially out of the race. That is futility, which is not worth it. It is a wasted vote. My 2nd choice, Newt Gingrich does not have a chance. His candidacy along with Santorum’s has resulted in deep debt. That  is really the biggest result of their candidacies. Ron Paul never had a chance. A vote at this point for either one is also a wasted vote.

There were a few candidates vying to be the Republican challenger to Sen. Robert P. Casey’s seat. The candidate that I voted for lost. Tom Smith is the Republican challenger. I will vote for him in November against Sen Casey.  For me, the bottom line is a Republican sweep in November – Presidency, Senate and House.

Rick is Out Before I Could Cast My Vote for Him

Well it is happening again. My PA primary is just too late in the primary/caucus season for me to be able to vote for Republican presidential candidate of choice. All voting for the Republican presidential candidates in primaries and caucuses should be done while most of the candidates still have an equal or at least close to an equal chance to win the Republican nomination. The PA primary should have been in the Super Tuesday or earlier.

I am ranting, because my chosen presidential candidate of heart and not pragmatics, Rick Santorum is out of  the race. I know I did say early on that he was another Mike Huckabee (my Republican presidential candidate of choice in 2008), but later, I wanted to be wrong and see him pull it off in being the Republican presidential nominee. I guess the polling showed that he was not going to win PA.

I though the RNC (Republican National Committee) decision to extend the season by having the delegates apportioned according to the number of votes per candidate for the first part of the season instead of winner take all would allow me a chance to vote for my  candidate of choice in a couple of weeks. But it did not help. Basically Mitt Romney is wrapping up the delegate vote.

My 2nd choice, Newt Gingrich who is still in the race, but does not have a chance, should have dropped out before Rick Santorum. Ron Paul who I found difficult to support never had a chance and I do not know why he even bothers. Here I am still hoping for the day when the PA Primary comes around I will have the same choice of candidates that those in Iowa and New Hampshire have. Pragmatically, that only leaves Mitt Romney who will get my vote in few weeks and in November. I am not happy, but I will not keep my vote home and help give Barack Obama another 4 years.

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and Paul

Attaining the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 is not being wrapped up as quickly as it was in 2008 with John McCain or 2000 with George W. Bush. I am presently surprised that Rick Santorum is still a viable candidate. One of my Democratic family members asked what did Mr. Santorum do and did he not lose his last senatorial incumbent election in 2006? Even conservative talk show host Michael Medved noted some months back that Santorum’s senate loss did not make for a good presidential candidate.

Really, Rick Santorum has lasted this long, because those supporting and voting for him agree with what he is saying and not giving his prior election loss much consideration. Even though with the current delegate count, Mitt Romney at this point looks like he will be the Republican challenger to Pres. Obama in the fall. For me, it is Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich runs a close second. Mitt Romney behind Santorum and Gingrich. Ron Paul is last on my primary voting list. Yes, I am struggling a little with voting conscience over pragmatism. In November, I will vote for the Republican presidential candidate against Pres. Barack Obama. That vote will come from both conscience and pragmatism.


Our GOP Presidential Candidates

Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum had a clean sweep of  caucus and primary voting in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. With all the hoopla, the bottom line is obtaining the 1144 delegates needed to get the nomination. Mr. Santorum did not really get any delegates from his triple victory. I still feel Mr. Santorum is the 2012 version of former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee and may go on to win some primaries but not get the Republican presidential nomination. If I am wrong, it will be a nice surprise.

At this point, if he makes it to the PA primary in April, he most likely will get my vote over Newt Gingrich. I also consider Mitt Romney for pragmatic reasons, because I still see problems with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum winning against Pres. Obama.But then, Mr. Romney is losing some steam. I am not one of those on the right that ignores the left. Along with reading and listening to the Republican and conservative right punditry and comments, I also squeeze in some reading and listening to the Democratic, liberal left punditry and comments. That side would love for Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Santorum who they see as the flavor of the Republican month to be Pres. Obama’s opponent, because they feel either one of those candidates will make for an easy Democratic victory.

I continue to hear and read of Independents who are unhappy with the Pres. and are looking to what the Republicans have to offer and there is not much of a “wow” factor. Mitt Romney at the beginning of his campaign attracted Independents, but now he is losing them through his continuing efforts to prove his conservatism.

Let us face it, Newt Gingrich is a strong negative to some Republicans, and conservatives. He does not seem to attract Independent voters who are pretty much the deciders of who gets to be President these days. The Catholic Rick Santorum is revving up the conservative evangelical voter (count me as one), but along with the Independent voter there are many who vote Republican who do not particularly like conservative evangelicals, such as libertarian thinking Neal Boortz and do not want a resurgence of them dominating the Republican Party. Along with the very conservative Michael Savage, there are conservatives coming together with those on the liberal left in viewing Rick Santorum as sanctimonious.  They do not like candidates who are outspoken about living their lives from any kind of spiritual faith base.

If you are wondering about all of this in relation to Mitt Romney, well that is another post that would include the Mormon historical negative spiritual belief concerning black people, which has somewhat changed. But one has to wonder how the weight of that historical perspective colors his general views on non white people. Again, there is much distance between me and the Ron Paul supporter. His libertarian views in foreign policy are a very big negative to me. There is also the racial issue, but I have to look more into that situation, even though I do believe Rep. Paul knew of the negative generalizations of black people in his own newsletters. He is the last of the remaining Republican presidential candidates who would get my vote.

Oh, will we ever have another Ronald Reagan? By that, I mean a strong conservative candidate who coalesces Republicans and conservatives behind him and has Democrats and Independents voting Republican like he did! That is what we need or Pres. Obama just may get that 2nd term.