Well, I voted in the closed PA primary. Firstly, I must tell you that I was lax and let my PA ID expire. PA just passed the Voter ID law. I felt so convicted that I spent the afternoon getting an up-to-date ID. Although the law will not be in effect until I vote in November, the poll workers were asking for ID as a practice run. I felt good about being able to show ID when I voted in the evening.

I have already ranted about not having the choice of candidates like the voters have in Iowa and New Hampshire. If the PA primary was held in January or February, I could have voted my heart. In April and after there is really no choice. Voting your heart at this late date for a candidate that clearly has no chance of securing the delegates to get the nomination is futile.

I voted pragmatically for Mitt Romney. I see people voted for Rick Santorum, my true choice, but he is officially out of the race. That is futility, which is not worth it. It is a wasted vote. My 2nd choice, Newt Gingrich does not have a chance. His candidacy along with Santorum’s has resulted in deep debt. That  is really the biggest result of their candidacies. Ron Paul never had a chance. A vote at this point for either one is also a wasted vote.

There were a few candidates vying to be the Republican challenger to Sen. Robert P. Casey’s seat. The candidate that I voted for lost. Tom Smith is the Republican challenger. I will vote for him in November against Sen Casey.  For me, the bottom line is a Republican sweep in November – Presidency, Senate and House.

Pro-Life Democrats!

On the conservative and Republican side of things, conservatives are generally against abortion. More and more Republicans, especially the younger ones are coming out for abortion. Even before I crossed over, as a young Democrat, I knew of pro-choice Republicans, but officially the Republican Party Platform to date is against abortion.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party Platform stands officially for abortion. I went through a time feeling that abortion was okay, but my spiritual growth put an end to that while still a Democrat. I come across many conservatives that assume all Democrats are for abortion. That is not true, but the Democrat Party hierarchy likes to keep a lid on the anti-abortion folks within the party.

 The late Robert P. Casey who was a former Democratic governor of my state of Pennsylvania was staunch pro-life. He was denied a speaking slot at the 1992 National Democratic Convention to speak on behalf of pro-life Democrats. Former President, Jimmy Carter is also pro-life and feels the Democratic Party should back away from their official pro-abortion (for any reason) stance. He said so on the Laura Ingraham radio talk program not that long ago. Go here for more.