Hearing From Zo Again and My Thoughts on Bill Maher

Time to hear from Zo again!

There are many people out there who really think that Bill Maher is fantastic. There was a time when I enjoyed him. These days, he grows more and more disgusting. I attempt to watch him if interesting conservatives are on his show, Real Time on HBO. I remember watching when the late conservative Andrew Breitbart was a panelist a couple of times. He did a good job of holding his own against other liberal panelists and Bill Maher.

Mr. Maher is a self admitted drug user. To me, he was not despicable in the early days when his program had the title, Politically Incorrect on the Comedy Channel as he is today on Real Time. Even with conservative guests, many times I have to turn away from Mr. Maher due to his increasingly over the top foul language. There is such a depravity in his expressed thoughts! Does anyone believe that his drug use does not contribute to his state of mind while doing his Real Time cable TV show?