Progressive Thought: Children Do Not Belong to Their Parents


Oh, this one is a real doozy from the leftist progressive Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry! Do you go along with her ‘Lean Forward’ progressive argument that your children are not your’s, but a public investment?

My mother who still views herself as liberal, but in reality is a strong social conservative, will never go along with this idea of children belonging to the community and not the parents. I know my non conservative sibling never saw her twin daughters who are now 18 as public property. The same for my other non conservative and MSNBC loving sibling, who has a young teenage daughter. I must get the reaction from the MSNBC watching family member on Dr. Harris-Perry’s left’s progressive ‘Lean Forward’ doozy.

Dr. Harris-Perry is so comfortable with what she is saying to the point that it is scary.