And I Happily Made It Through Those Years!

Having my young childhood in the 50s and into the early 60s, I can relate to most that is in the video, especially my parents siding with the teacher. I more than survived. I lived a blessed happy childhood. I remember playing on neighborhood playground equipment long before the required surface padding. I cannot fathom why my parents never forbade me to play on those see-saws that went rather high in the air. I fell off of them a few times. It’s a wonder I never ended up with a serious head injury or a broken neck! In fact, I was in my late 30s before I even dislocated a bone.

Remembering Martin Luther King in 2014

The following is from a previous post on this blog and my former Opera blog with a few tweaks.

I can say that I do not agree with the direction of some of his political beliefs that went beyond fighting for equal rights for blacks and other minorities who experienced legal racial discrimination. But the fact that he non violently fought and put his life on the line for the civil rights of others will never diminish in my heart.

My recollection of Dr. Martin Luther King was one of taking a courageous stand against day by day racism and legal segregation. I remember the media reports of him spending time in jail for peaceful protests for rights for people of color that are so easily acquired today. I remember watching on TV former President Harry Truman, a Democrat calling Dr. King a trouble maker. When reporters reminded him that Dr. King had been given the Nobel Peace Prize, former President Truman’s response was, “I did not give it to him.” My mother and grandmother who were also watching TV with me were appalled at former President Truman’s remarks.

I remember various white people all over the country who were Democrats and Republicans also expressing that Dr King and other civil rights leaders both white and black were trouble makers. Some expressed as did the late Senator Barry Goldwater (as seen in the HBO documentary on him) that Blacks wanted their rights too fast and that they would have to wait. What was really being said is that yes we have denied you rights as citizens, which we enjoy, but you must wait until we are ready to do the right thing. Dr. King’s peaceful actions said NO in high volumes. I wonder if people who thought like the late Senator Goldwater, realized how wrong they were.

Martin Luther King was assassinated in the spring of my junior year in high school. On that day my father’s co-worker had a bit of a personal connection. His co-worker’s son in-law assaulted a passenger on a Philly bus. He assaulted the passenger for saying that Dr. King had died with the garbage. From a legal criminal standpoint, he came to regret assaulting that passenger. Dr. King was in Memphis Tennessee when he was assassinated to support sanitation workers’ protest of low wages and poor working conditions.

I believe Dr. King would not be happy today. I continue to agree with Aaron McGruder‘s creation (which is documented in Juan William’s book, Enough) of an Older Dr. King on his Cartoon Network show The Boondocks. Dr. King is in a Church looking out at high school dropouts, gangsta rappers in fistfights, young teenage mothers dressing scantily. He can hear them calling each other the “N” word. This older version of Dr. King looks out and says, “Is this it? This is what I got all those a-whippings for?”

We have to do better by his legacy

Homosexuality: I Take This View


Hey, we are all sinners, because the word of God says in Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God…” Read the passage concerning anyone and the Lord Jesus Christ here and also and travel the Roman Road here. We can love the person and not their actions that we see wrong according to the Word of God. If you do not think you can love some regardless of their wrong doings, ask a mother about her love for her prison time serving son or daughter.

My Christian blog is still on the way. When the blog is up and running, you may see a post like this from time to time, but this category of post will remain mostly on this blog of politics, culture, family,history and inspiration. My Christian blog will be about thoughts and music from the word of God.