Making it Difficult for Group Bible Studies in Homes

Laying fines on Christians in this country for practicing and teaching their faith from their homes seems pretty ridiculous. Does it not? Well it is not so ridiculous. Some people holding bible studies in their homes are unaware that they are doing something wrong and are receiving fines of $300.00 on the West Coast. In a few cities such as San Juan Capistrano in sunny California, officials are enforcing city code section 9-3.301. It does not allow for people to conduct bible studies in their homes without a conditional use permit. Obtaining that permit can be rather costly.

Some are saying city ordinances are broken, because bible study for small groups being conducted in someone’s home is tantamount to a religious organization conducting services which the city code prohibits in residential neighborhoods without a conditional-use permit. That is pretty outlandish since the city of San Juan Capistrano was founded as a Christian Mission! Read more here.

I know this is not in the same category with the heavy persecution of Christians in other countries, especially Islamic ones where one can be put to death for doing anything in relation to Christianity, but American believers in the Lord Jesus Christ should not ignore, lay down and allow the taking away of our “faith practice” freedoms one iota.

Remember to Pray for Persecuted Christians

This is a repost (with a few tweaks) from my former blog.

During your Easter/Resurrection holiday celebration, do not forget to pray for people in other lands who experience persecution for making Jesus Christ their Savior. Here in this wonderful country, we take much for granted, such as our Christian freedoms. Think about the bibles in American homes that collect dust! A few weeks ago I heard a missionary share that in Vietnam where there is strong ancestral worship, there are not many bibles. In fact there is sharing of bibles that are totally hand written.

I have heard the name of Christ defamed.  I have been called  snide names to my face and much more behind my back, because of my identification with the Lord Jesus Christ! But that is no big deal in comparing and contrasting what Christians go through in Islamic countries and other countries where Christianity is officially castigated or even forbidden.  Some people in other parts of the world experience denied medical treatment, being hunted down like an animal, face life imprisonment, or have even be executed because they accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. I have never feared any of that happening to me as a Christian in this country.

Please visit the International Christian ResponsePersecuted Church and Voice of the Martyrs for specific prayer needs of persecuted Christians.