Capitalism iPhone and Socialist ACA

Liberal Logic 101_capitalism1

Liberal Logic 101 makes a good contrast between the capitalist’s entrepreneurial iPhone product and the legislated Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. Individuals whose health care is not supplied through their employers must now buy this new government health care regardless of whether or not the ACA product meets their needs or even if they can afford it. Capitalism does not fine you in order to make you buy a product.

This CBO Report

Barbara Walters was doing the spin thing after the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) awful report on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. But then, ESPN’s NBA Countdown host, Sage Steele is right on point with her comment to Ms. Walters saying, “Maybe this is the proof why…this is not the way to do it.”

This health care law started out wrong as a bill that was over 1200 pages long and put up for a vote when no one had time to thoroughly read and research it. I am glad that no Republican in either of the houses of Congress voted for the ACA. That includes the Republican who have the RINO label. Surprisingly, they did not vote for the ACA. Congress during that time had strong to perfect Democratic majorities. The Democrats in both houses overwhelmingly voted for this health care bill without reading and researching it; therefore, the blame starts and ends with them.

Now we are reading about people losing their health care that they were suppose to be able continue with if they desired to do so. These same people are signing up for the ACA’s health care and finding out they cannot afford it. People are finding out that they have to get a separate plan for their babies in their families. There are even more horror stories not mentioned here.

The CBO says the ACA, again also known as Obamacare will have a devastating affect for times to come as stated in the graphic below from

CBO_Obamacare_Right Change

The Present the Democrats Wished They Never Received

Rick McKee_Obamacare PresentRick McKee Cartoon

Congressional Democrats voted for the over 1000 pages Affordable Care Act (ACA and also called Obamacare) after only having it in their possession for no more than 2 days. Do you really think they had the time to read all those pages? No Republican in the House or Senate voted for it. Well, the ACA’s individual mandate negatively affected enough people by making them lose their private health care insurance. Now through the ACA they must take new plans with higher premiums and deductibles.

The individual mandate caused a huge negative impact to the point that the affected voters just might choose not to re-elect the Democrats who voted the ACA into law. What happens when the employer mandate drops next year right around election time? See the cuts to work hours and jobs so far here.

ACA: So Far Not So Good


Well, how disastrous was the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare? I say extremely disastrous. Only 6 enrollees the first day! The enrollment website a month later is still messed up. One would think there would be a smooth running website by now. In any case, this disaster is just one of the problems for the ACA. 

There is no denying that President Obama was less than honest when he said that if you liked your current plan and doctor, you could keep them both. The Democrats and media supporters are doing  the spin thing including trying to put the blame on insurance companies. Sadly, it is working to some degree. Millions of folks are losing their health care plans due to ACA regulations and are not able to keep their doctors. While others are seeing their premiums and deductibles go up and up. The Pres. and top Democrats knew that millions would not be able to remain with their current health care plans. This is beyond horrendous!

Health Care Premiums Before and After

The Affordable Care Act – ACA also known as Obamacare did not get off to a good start. With hardly no corrections, the problems continue with trying to register online past 2 weeks after the rollout. Lousy technology! Not all, but still many people are finding out health care insurance premiums under the ACA are more costly than they ever thought. Checkout  how the premiums are faring state by state in the chart  below from