Transgender Restrooms!!!!

Elections do have their consequences. We can thank those Republicans and conservatives who held back their vote or voted for some third-party candidate who could never ever possibly won a presidential victory in 2008 and 2012 for the current federal liberal progressives having their way with the public. I will never understand the notion of being so angry with your political party to the point of not caring if your angry actions help to give victory to the opposing political party who continues to make changes that are screwing up the country.

gender_neutral_signHow do you feel about transgender restrooms? I know I am very uncomfortable with them. The Obama administration feds are Forcing public schools to adopt ‘nondiscrimination’ for transgender teachers and students, which includes making school restrooms transgender. Before the word, transgender ever became apart of anyone’s vocabulary, I took a class on one of Temple University’s campuses. The 2 story building of my class had one restroom with several stalls for everyone. I went to use it and I walked in on a male coming out of a stall. I walked back out and found another classroom building with male and female restrooms.

When I worked in the childcare classroom, sometimes while the custodian cleaned one of the boys’ or girl’s restroom, we would designate stalls for the little preschool girls and boys to use in the other restroom. Once one parent saw this going on, the childcare center then received a barrage of complaints. Taking preschoolers to the restroom that way stopped. How do you feel about a boy whose parents let him live as a girl going into a restroom with your daughter? How do you feel as an adult going to use a restroom with a big clunky male living as female or a female appearing as a male?

The TEA Party Still Going

After the victories in 2010, the Obama administration successfully kept TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party folks from impacting the major election of last November. They did their dirt through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). TEA Party organizations across the country went through such a wringer that they could not do much during 2012 election year. Since certain information has come to light about the IRS on their holding TEA Party organizations hostage, TEA Party folks are gearing up for new battles.

One ongoing battle is the fight against the TEA Party being racist and connected to the Ku Klux Klan. If you went through all the TEA party organizations with a fine tooth comb, I gather you find some racists among them. Now if you use the fine tooth comb in all political organizations, I am sure you will fine not just white racists, but racists of all stripes. The liberal/lefty notion that the TEA Party is a bunch of white racists is wrong. Listen to what Emery McClendon has to say.

The Military Restricting Christians

FBMeme_condemned and not
Yes, there are new restrictions for Christians in the military under the Obama administration. The Obama efforts are leading to no Christian sharing of faith and no displays of bibles. But then, I have yet to hear the restrictions for Islam in the military. There is an amendment to the NDAA ( the annual National Defense Authorization Act) being proposed by a Republican representative to protect those in the military sharing their Christian faith from court-martial. Pres. Obama threatened to veto it , if and when it makes it to his desk.

Obama Administration’s Anti Christian Actions

Obama Admin

I just wonder if the Christians who voted for Pres. Obama are paying any attention to his administration’s anti Christian actions that are currently in the news! These actions should appall all saved through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. These actions are infuriating some folks. I saw some videos on YouTube coming down on popular black Christian gospel artist for supporting Barack Obama.

In looking at these anti Christian actions, let us start with the IRS  (Internal Revenue Service). Not only did the IRS slow up or withhold tax exempt status to TEA Party organizations, but also to Jewish and Christian organizations. The IRS asked Christian organizations to turn over their member and donor lists and asked to give the content of the organization’s corporate prayers. This is wrong. If you want to excuse this by pointing out this same wrong treatment done to other organizations like the NAACP under Republican presidential administrations, my response is that it is all wrong and the old adage, ‘two wrongs do not make a right.’

There is already a post on this blog about the DOJ (Department of Justice) forcing employees to verbally affirm lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered life styles. That is slowly spreading to businesses and churches. Eventually, could  pastors, ministers, priests and their church members/parishioners be held in contempt, fined and/or imprisoned  for not affirming LGBT?

The Obama administration gave its approval for the sale of the emergency contraception, Plan B One-Step to i.e the morning after pill to females without age restriction. Then there is the Obama administration curtailing the religious freedom of Christians in the military. They are forbidding praying in the name of Jesus and making the sharing of the Christian faith is a court-martial offence. Addendum: Please take time to read Pres. Obama against Religious liberty  Amendment 

To all the Obama Christian supporters, how does all of this sit with you? I do think these anti Christian actions should anger you to blood boiling levels. All of these issues infuriated one of my family members who at one time supported Pres. Obama. What are your defenses or excuses for continual support of Pres. Barack Obama through all his administration’s anti Christian actions?

These Occupiers!

Oh, what to make of this liberal, leftist groundswell to occupy Wall Street! All this solidarity! I heard the word, solidarity mostly used with socialist and communist spoutings. It is spreading to cities across the country. Some are just angry at the wealthy getting wealthier during these downed economic times. Some are saying this is the liberal leftist answer to the right-wing TEA Party. Some are not only protesting against those on the right, but the Obama administration, due to being too timid with those deemed the rich fat cats. Listen to actress and Occupy Wall Street protester, Susan Sarandon. And then, there are some who really do not know why they are there. They joined in, because they like seeing young people rising up and coming together, but cannot tell you exactly why there is a rising  up and a coming together.

I hear on the local Philly urban talk radio station which is the only talk station that promotes liberal leftist perspectives in the city and the surrounding areas, excitement from some of the talks show hosts. They really think the Occupy Wall Street crowd and occupiers in other cities are showing the right-wing and wealthy crowd that they are coming out swinging to do class warfare. I wonder, out of all the protesters I see on TV, who is registered to vote?

Unlike the TEA Party gatherings, there is a destructive mob mentality with the Occupy whatever/wherever folks. I saw enough on TV and on Internet video using foul language to express their political beliefs. Those who know why they are protesting are pretty much anti-capitalism. I heard a few say they are socialists/communists. I wonder how that makes some of the old guard Democrats feel about the socialist/communist connection I wonder how do those on the Democratic side feel about some of the leftist occupiers protesting the Obama administration! I leave you with this video and this video with Andrew Breitbart. You will see some cannot tell you why they are protesting, while others use a weak generality and then others let you know they are anti-capitalism and pro socialism/communism.