No Labels or a New Label for Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans

If this new ‘No Labels‘ movement was in place around 2004 to late 2005, I would have been an ardent supporter.  I drew closer  to politicians from opposite sides of the aisle coming together against partisan battling and getting bills passed into law. But I realized that I connected to  the Republican that went somewhat liberal  in order to come together with the Democratic representatives or senators.  In fact, in my pre-conservative days, the only Republicans that I liked were the so-called moderate (really liberal) ones.

No Labels sounds like a good idea, but it is really a label for  liberal Republicans and other liberals.  I watched a couple of No Label sessions on c-span. I saw moderating Republicans such as New York’s Mayor Bloomberg and Republicans turned independents, the soon to be former Gov. of Florida, Charlie Crist and Philly’s syndicated Radio talker and MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish. I remember when Mr. Smerconish was a right-wing war hawk during George W. Bush’s first administration. Years later, he supported Barack Obama over John McCain for the Presidency.  Columnist and CNN’s Kathleen Parker, whose conservatism continues to be questioned is in support of No Labels.  Read another interesting take on this No Labels thing here.

No Labels brought up the open primary issue one of the segments that I viewed on c-span. It is the only issue that I can see agreement, but from different perspectives. The discussion centered on open primaries getting people away from the Republican conservative and Democrat liberal label. I just see open primaries as allowing voting for all candidates as in the general elections. I am not for any kind of candidate restriction voting based on political party at any election level.

This No Labels group wants to do away with partisan rancor and personal attacks. I am against personal attacks on a person for any reason so I can agree with that and another issue or two, but I am a conservative. I left liberalism and left if for a reason. I agree with conservative core issues and values. That puts me at odds with liberals, especially with those on the far liberal left. This new group wants to do away with political and ideological distinctions. They want to blend out the differences. My ideological distinctions which are Christian based cannot be blended with someone of the left whose base their ideological distinctions in atheism.