National Emergency Alert Fail

This national emergency alert test was a failure as far as it concerned me. From all the reports I heard on the different failure occurrences, I did not hear about  TVs switching to a station and staying there. The remotes went dead to channel switching. That is what happen to 2 TVs in my household.  TBN is the station the TVs in my household go to when this test happens locally. But then it goes on to make the alert sound and then back to TBN and finally back to the station originally viewed. This time it went to TBN and that was it.

It took a couple of hours and more than 1 phone call to the cable company to get 1 TV back to normal. It took the other TV a couple of days, because while performing the tasks get everything working again like I did on the other TV, one of the cable cords surged. This happened on Wednesday. The cable company could not come to correct the situation until Friday morning. If this nationwide emergency alert test had been the real thing that could affected our national safety, we would be in deep trouble.